Introducing: Terriers | A belated intro to Dublin duo’s synth-driven minimal electronica


From the one that slipped under the radar department comes Dublin electronic duo, Terriers, aka Peter Ward and Ronan Downing.

The duo impressed on numerous occasions throughout the year, yet somehow managed to be overlooked. Their debut EP, Marie Celeste, kicked off an impressive 2013, while their latest tracks ’13/13′ & ‘For You’ adding further clout to their growing credentials as classy purveyors of synth-driven minimal electronica. Their inspiration is derived from an admiration of atmosphere, the grimey disarray of Dublin city and an overall love for melody and underground bass tones. Terriers’ compositions take on much of this character, providing predominantly downtempo, elegantly produced electronic jams with an after hours, late night atmospheric feel. They’ve captured both a vibe and a groove all of their very own, in short, fantastic stuff all round.  And a pleasure to finally put it into words. 

Like what you hear below? There’s plenty more where that came from on Soundcloud and you can get their Marie Celeste EP for free from bandcamp. Also, Terriers play Junior Spesh @ Twisted Pepper w/ Princess & Monto on Dec 12th. 

Boxed In – ‘All Your Love Is Gone’


Boxed In is the new solo project of London based producer Oli Bayston, who along with the duo of Liam Hutton and Mark Nicholls, has teamed up with the Moshi Moshi Singles Club to release their debut 7” single ‘All Your Love Is Gone’/’Legacy’. 

‘All You Love Is Gone’ has been on heavy rotation the past few weeks, and it’s such a massive, thriving and pulsating tune from start to finish. The bass here is phenomenal, which, underpinned by propulsive drums, sparse beats and urgent piano, drives everything along nicely as modulated guitars cut in and out at will, and topped with Bayston’s bleak, yet engaging and elegant vocals. Hopefully this is but the beginning and we don’t have long to wait too long for more from Bayston & Co. His track record to date suggests he’ll be a busy man either way, having played keys on both Willy Mason’s and Steve Mason’s most recent LPs. 

‘All Your Love Is Gone’ & ’Legacy’ are below for your listening pleasure and the 7″ is out on November 25th through Moshi Moshi. 

Introducing: Cotton Wolf


Information surrounding Cotton Wolf is pretty scant. What is known however; they are based in Wales, have received the seal of approval from Cian Ciaran (Super Furry Animals), who released their Catapelt EP through his own Strangetown Records.

Cotton Wolf’s furtive nature adds a level of intrigue and allows the music to simply speak for itself. Musically, the Catapelt EP is a very promising, downtempo, ambient and electronic excursion. There’s an exploratory feel to Cotton Wolf’s sound. Most tracks utilise a click-clack percussion, intricately pieced together with bass and all manner of sound effects and vocal samples. As a combination of bleeps, chimes, creaks and meandering synth notes push these sonic arrangements forward. It’s an incredibly impressive debut release, filled with pretty chilled but bright, beautiful, yet harsh sounding compositions at the same time. It is requiring of a good few listens for everything that’s going on to seep in (or perhaps that’s just me?).

You can check out ‘Cassette 98′ & ‘Napa’ below, two personal favourites from this incredibly impressive EP. You can also stream Catapelt here or buy it here.

New Tracks from Sliab Cuinciu: ‘Tricks’ & ‘Stay Gold’


Sliab Cuinciu has been, in my humble opinion, the finest new electronic producer to emerge from these shores in 2013.

The 24-year-old Wicklow beatmaker’s 8-track collection, ####, released earlier this year was pure gold; a spellbinding mix embracing all things hip hop, synth pop, disco and a wealth of electronic music, as well as soul, funk and rock. Yes, yes, all great you say but what of now? Well, the good news is Sliab Cuinciu has returned with two new jams, ‘Tricks’ and the aptly titled ‘Stay Gold’, and it looks as though there’s no chance of dropping the standard any time soon. Both tracks are smooth, cool as fuck hip-hop inspired electronic tunes, permeated entirely with a serious feelgood vibe. ‘Tricks’ bounces along some of the funkiest beats and bass you hear this side of the ’70s, it’s so irresistibly infectious. ‘Stay Gold’ meanwhile, has much more of a daydream quality, taking us on a tranquil wander through a land of ’80s synths and drums, much more indebted to the early days of hip hop. In short; two tunes as cool and refreshing as a breeze on a scorching hot summers day.  

You can listen / download (free) to both ‘Tricks’ & ‘Stay Gold’ below. And if you’re liking what’s on offer, you should definitely check out ####, it is available gratis from bandcamp.

Introducing: Cave Story


Regular visitors to the blog will be well aware of my penchant for music with a quirky, playful psychedelic underbelly, and Portuguese quartet Cave Story, are yet another case in point. 

Cave Story have released an EP of three demos, offering proof of their credentials as virtuoso’s of this joyful style. The EP is a rollicking, breathtaking romp through bygone eras, bringing to mind classic band after classic band while conjuring up a modern and original take of their own. Opener, ‘Crystal Surf’ has a dark, ominous post-punk vibe whilst ‘Martin Stellar’ embraces this sound but sees the band experiment with playful keys and echoey vocals. The standout of the bunch is ‘Ghost Steps’, a stomping psych-garage number. It contains the obvious protrusion of a ‘6os infatuation with echoes of the psychedelic-era Small Faces, the Kinks circa Village Green Preservation Society and more recently, The Bees. Three very contrasting yet equally wonderful demos from Cave Story but one thing is for sure, their next move should be eagerly awaited.

You can sample some choice cuts from the EP below or pop over to bandcamp, ‘name your price’ and download it. 

(Video) Knoxville Morning – ‘Lighthouse Song’


Knoxville Morning‘s excellent self-titled debut album came out a little over a year ago, and ‘Lighthouse Song’ is the latest track to be taken from their debut.

The Knoxville Morning project was inspired by a trip around the USA by chief troublemaker Ciaran Dwyer, which resulted in an album of sweet folk, country and Americana. With the release of ‘Lighthouse Song’, they like us it seems, are still getting plenty of mileage out of the record. ‘Lighthouse Song’ is one of the high points from the LP; a sweet, tender ballad of friendship, tipping gently along delicate acoustic strumming. It really is such a beautiful little song. To accompany the track, there’s a video from Colm Russell and Richard Strearn (the former is the man behind the Biggles Fly Again & Anderson videos), who’ve come up trumps with some superb and stylish visual action.

Check out ‘Lighthouse Song’ below and if you have the time, why not give Knoxville Morning’s album a bit of attention here.

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(Video) Telegram – ‘Follow’


While only formed in the last year, London four-piece Telegram, have already caused a bit of a stir across the water, and on the evidence of their debut single ‘Follow’, it’s easy to see why.

Sure, psychedelia is very ‘in’ at the moment (it’s never been ‘out’ in my humble opinion) but ‘Follow’ is one of the finest, and savage blasts of tripped-out psych-punk you’re likely to hear. There’s a phenomenal sense of urgency, with riffs that hurtle past at break neck speed, whirring reverberations, droning motorik propulsion and laden with post-punk-esque energy. For want of a better description, it sounds like Toy meets early Maximo Park and there’s nothing wrong with that. Hopefully there’s more where this came from sooner rather than later.

‘Follow’ is out now w/ ‘Under The Night Time’ on the band’s own label, GramGram. You can watch their retro-fused video below and listen to ‘Follow’ below, and then listen to it again.