Sea Pinks – ‘An Exploded View’


Belfast’s finest purveyors of sun-kissed indie guitar-pop, Sea Pinks, are set to release a new double A-sided single ‘Exploded View’/’Magpies Eyes’. 

Earlier in the year, Neil Brogan, announced that he would be leaving his role as drummer in Girls Names to concentrate on his other musical project, which is of course Sea Pinks. ‘Exploded View’ is the first chance to sample some of that newly concentrated Sea Pinks sound and my, does it appeal to the ear. ‘Exploded View’ is a lovely jangly guitar pop song, with a bright and bouncy energy reminiscent of The Coral/The La’s at their finest (or a great many other superb bands from the banks of The Mersey). In short, it’s a great track, a proper three-minute hero that’s irrefutably lovable.

‘An Exploded View’ will be released on October 5th as a limited edition 7″ vinyl, along with and expanded four track digital EP.

Aphrodite Lion – ‘Only One’


Aphrodite Lion are Annie Graham and Mike Tinsley, an indie/alternative duo from Dublin.

The duo’s latest single ‘Only One’, isn’t a first musical foray having already attempted world domination with two EPs and an album, Monochrome Bisexual Triathlete. What ‘Only One’ does is, suggest a change in tact from Aphrodite Lion, rolling up their sleeves and turbo-charged their sound. It is an effective shift in direction toward bigger grooves, post-punk guitar riffs and clomping drum machine beats, which combine with some devastatingly seductive vocals from Annie Graham. Aphrodite Lion have stumbled upon and incredibly lovable and catchy-as-hell sound with ‘Only One’. Think of a less malevolent, more jaunty version of The Kills, say Blood Pressures era for example. 

‘Only One’ is out now from all the usual digital haunts. Also worth noting, when Aphrodite Lion aren’t making tunes, they’re writing about them on their excellent blog, The Lions Share – these musings come highly recommended. 

Introducing: Sliab Cuinciu


24 year old Wicklow native Sliab Cuinciu is the latest to emerge from what is a rather talented bunch of homegrown electronic producers.

Over the past couple of years the sheer number of producers emerging from Ireland has been staggering. Thankfully, by and large anyway, the quality has remained pretty damn high and Sliab Cuinciu falls squarely into this top quality category. He spent the summer working on his own brand of productions, the fruits of which, is called ####. This 8-track collection is heavily influenced by hip hop, synth pop, disco and a wealth of electronic music, as well as soul, funk and rock. This blending of styles and influences, particularly the ‘8os disco vibes with hip hop beats ala ‘Boy’ & ‘Drug Game’, leaves us with a collection of smooth, cool as fuck hip hop infused electronic jams. No doubt about it, the beats will have your head nodding. Meanwhile ‘Blue Saphires’ and ‘Cosmonaut’ are utterly captivating and have a real soundtrack quality to them (Kavinsky meets John Carpenter if you will). On the whole it’s an interesting, inventive and enjoyable body of work we got right here.

There’s a lot on offer here, suffice to say, you’ll loose nothing giving Sliab Cuinciu some of your attention over the weekend. In fact, ####, is available on a ‘name-your-price basis’ from bandcamp.  


Biggles Flys Again – ‘Chambers’


Earlier this year Biggles Flys Again released their superb debut album, Remember Saturday. As an album of enchanting and whimsical good old fashioned pop songs, filled with sinuous melodies and organic arrangement; it is without doubt one of the finest domestic records of the year. 

Apart from the fact that it’s never a bad thing to revisit how exceptionally good the aforementioned LP is, Biggles are back, with a forthcoming EP, Chambers. Title track ‘Chambers’, taken from the debut record, captures some of the many reasons to adore Biggles Flys Again. It’s a  tender and instantly lovable tune, packed with a heart wrenching emotional punch, with Deasy’s vocal talent and those for crafting pop gems, on full view for all willing to pay attention. 

Chambers is released on October 19th in a package including a previously unreleased track from the album sessions, along with remixes by Strands, The Casanova Wave and Voluntary Butler Service.

You can catch Biggles Flys Again tonight (Oct 3rd) at HWCH in The Mercantile (22:40). Or for those further afield, in The Windmill, Brixton, London on Nov 13th & Le Pop In, Rue Amelot, Paris on Nov 27th . Onward. 

Koett – ‘Lost Time’

koett 2013

Last week Russian producer Koett (aka Alexander Tochilkin) released his debut single through Applescal‘s Atomnation label, the latter was enough to get this party very interested, and thankfully so.

‘Lost Time’ is a stunning debut track, simple as. It sees Koett grapple with a lavish blend of acid jazz, house, up-beat instrumental hip hop and trip hop flavours, molded into the most exuberant sounds, bursting with energy and emotion. He utilises all manners of sound sources, from dug funk samples, fluttering flutes, swirling cinematic string motifs, Balearic guitar twangs and bass tones, to create this lush, jazzy sun-soaked affair. ‘Lost Time’ comes packaged with two remixes from compatriot Monokle and Barcelona’s Sau Polar, the latter being that stand-out of the two.

‘Lost Time’ is out now and Koett’s debut album, Golden Peak, is released this coming November. On this evidence, it’s one keep an eye on.