Cal Folger Day – ‘She Really Means It’


Cal Folger Day is a singer-songwriter from Brooklyn who was in Ireland last month for a brief tour. Although her presence on our shores escaped me, this tune, ‘She Really Means It’, found its way to my ears and has left a lasting impression.

Cal Folger Day has stumbled upon a timeless and enchanting rootsy folk sound. ‘She Really Means It’ is simply a beautiful song. It is both sophisticated and suitably restrained, and filled with a rich, reminiscent tone. Her vocals too are impeccable, both aesthetically and in terms of range. A whole day could be spent adding superlatives to describe how good this song is but who’s got that kind of time? It is simply beautiful.

‘She Really Means It’ is below for your listening pleasure and there’s even more on offer on Cal Folger Day’Soundcloud.

Citizen Partridge – ‘Soul Power – Volume 1: Dancing in the Street’

soul power

After putting together a couple of mixtapes of Jamaican Sounds I decided to ask Citizen Partridge to put together a Soul one along the same lines. Not only is Citizen Partridge’s knowledge of soul far superior than mine, he’s my older cousin(t), for whom I owe a severe debt of gratitude for my own love of music, when I was younger especially he was an endless supply of great music. I’m absolutely delighted he accepted and a massive thanks to Citizen Partridge for putting this together. Take it away Citizen. 

I’m thrilled that BarryGruff, definitely my favourite cousin(t), has asked me to make a mixtape for his excellent blog, and so I present ‘Soul Power – Volume 1: Dancing in the Street‘.

Soul music has been part of my life for nearly twenty years now, and while this collection isn’t necessarily my ‘Top 21 Soul Songs In The World… Ever’, each one is a stone cold classic. I came to soul mainly via hip hop samples and mod, and you’ll probably hear the evidence of the former in some of the selection when you say ‘oh, that’s from the Wu Tang’ or whatever.

Anyway, here’s the mix, I hope you’ll enjoy it. And if you don’t, then clearly you ain’t got no soul.

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Our Krypton Son – ‘Gargantuan’

Our Krypton Son 2013

You probably know the score already, Our Krypton Son have been one of my favourite acts on this Island for some time now; impressing with the stunning ‘Catalonian Love Song’, the wonderful ‘Plutonium’ and of course their eponymous debut album.

Anyway, the Derry outfit are set to release their brand new single ‘Gargantuan’, the third from taken from their eponymous debut LP, which is great by the way. It is piano led stomper with plenty of punch for sure, but anyone familiar with their LP will know that already. McConaghy’s vocals are impeccable as usual, as they are on the two brand new accompanying tracks; the autumnal acoustic led ‘Bring The Flood’ and somber, meandering ‘How Long Must I Dream’. Chris McConaghy & company are in flying form once more, which certainly bodes well for the second LP and if rumours are to be believed, it maybe with us later this year. Here’s hoping.

Watch the excellent video for ‘Gargantuan’ directed by Tristan Crowe below and cop a load of the two accompanying tracks too. ‘Gargantuan’ is out on June 28th through Smalltown America.

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Spectrals – ‘A Heartbeat Behind’


Spectrals popped up on the radar back  in 2010 with A Spectrals Extended Play, an extremely enjoyable blend of 1960s-inspired lo-fi guitar pop flirting with the punkier end of the British indie. 

Where as the former was an exemplary example of velvety smooth pristine pop, the album that followed, Bad Penny, was a bit of a let down. It was loungey and felt a bit lifeless, and left a lingering feeling that it could have been so much more. That is all purely subjective of course, and pretty redundant, especially considering Louis Jones and company are back with a smashing new single ‘A Heartbeat Behind’, suggesting the good times are set to roll on. Jones’ voice is superb, his mellow Yorkshire croon takes centre stage, no longer are the vocals in the background. ‘A Heartbeat Behind’ jangles and it sways, over a rollicking guitar riffs, snapping drums and a little rockabilly flavor. It’s a really great single, and on first impressions the new LP Sob Story, sounds rather promising too. All’s good.

You can give ‘A Heartbeat Behind’ the once over below & Spectrals’ new Sob Story LP is out now.

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Trojan Warriors 2 Mixtape (Ska, Reggae, Dancehall & Rocksteady)


Last summer I put together the ‘Trojan Warriors‘ mixtape, which was basically a selection of Jamaican sounds ala Ska, Reggae, Dancehall, Rocksteady etc. It was a whole lot of fun putting it together and as it proved far more popular than I had expected, I decided to do a sort of follow up. 

So yeah, I can’t guarantee that all these featured on Trojan Records (I’m pretty sure quite a few didn’t) but ‘Trojan Warriors’ just has a great ring to it, that and in the interests of continuity, I’m sticking with the Trojan handle. Between that and bouts of boredom over the weekend ‘Trojan Warriors 2′ was born.  The premise is the same once again, I listen to all this stuff quite a lot and regularly add to my collection yet it rarely features on the blog. The mix is compiled from favourites off the various albums, compilations and box sets I have acquired throughout the years. Some are fairly well known, others less so.

I got a real kick out of putting this together and hopefully people enjoy ‘Trojan Warriors’ mark two as much as the first incarnation. Well, that’s enough waffling from me, give it a spin below and the tracklisting is after the jump. Also, credit for the image goes to my very talented cousin(t), Kevin Squires.

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