Drenge – ‘Necromance Is Dead’


Sheffield based duo Drenge have supplied us with another boneshaker of a tune today, in the shape of the ‘delightfully’ titled ‘Necromance Is Dead’. 

It is the first slice of new music from the Loveless brothers since their superb debut single, ‘Bloodsports’. Constructed along the same punk-blues-rock formula that made their debut single so good, ‘Necromance Is Dead’ is a visceral, snarling, thrilling and menacing squall of noise. In other Drenge related news, the duo have been announced as support for Miles Kane on his upcoming UK tour but you can catch them closer to home when they play Longitude Festival, Dublin on July 21st.

‘Necromance Is Dead’ is available as a free download below.

The Statics – ‘Hidden Pigeon’ EP

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The Statics have been in receipt of much praise in the past for their utterly lovable, infectious and heartwarming indie sounds. Early demos promised much, while debut single ‘Holiday’, and now their debut EP, Hidden Pigeon delivers on that early promise. 

Yes they are a bit of a throwback, with echoes of the likes of The La’s, John Power & The Coral remaining a key part of the Dublin quartets’ sound, but their identity and character is injected through the lyrics. Set to a back drop of stomping drums, bright upbeat melodies and twangy rhythmic guitars the lyrics are personal, honest and depict grittier, bittersweet tales. The Statics could draw criticism from certain quarters for flagrantly embracing their influences but who cares? What they do, they do ever so well. From the opener ‘Hidden Pigeon’ through to ‘As I see It’, the EP is a four track feast of tight and well honed ear-worm indie pop songs, worthy of inclusion in any record collection. 

Hidden Pigeon is released on Saturday, April 20th and will be launched in The Thomas House on Saturday night (all the details are here). 

Swall – Bright//Moon//Light (CL Moons Remix)


If you’re a regular on this blog, you will probably already know SertOne is held in rather high esteem around this neck of the woods.

Well, not just content with knocking our sock off with his hip-hop influenced electronics, the ever prolific Liverpool based Irish producer has an equally impressive body of work under his other pseudonym CL MoonsCL Moons is his a footwork/juke sideline and as an introduction to this alter-alter ego, is his reworking of Swall’s ‘Bright//Moon//Light’. It sees Swall’s soft wandering pop recast in a different light, with Moons kicking in with sharp, snappy beats at a BPM up there with the national debt (that’s high in case you were wondering). 

This tune has been on constant rotation along with CL Moons’ edit of DJ Fresh ‘Gatekeeper’ for the past month. You can listen to them both below. See also, Sweekers Vol. 1 & Vol. 2, where by Mr. Moons has teamed up with fellow Irish producer Lemonada. 

Mr Bligh – ‘Dub Star’

CaptureThe last time we dropped in on Mr. Bligh was back in 2011 with the release of his rather encouraging debut record Is This England?. 

His debut was an album of all things indie, punk, reggae and hip-hop, following the release of which, he decided to return to producing. Two years on, having spent a lot of time experimenting with his sound and style, the young Londoner has gone all in on the reggae and dub buzz. Working with a variety of reggae singers such as Ras Tweed & YT, he’s hit on something that works ever so well. It’s just the ticket with the sun finally reemerging following the long cold winter; it’s feelgood and happy, head nodding music. It’s pretty rare new Ska, Reggae or Dub material crosses my path so I’m pretty smitten with this at present.  

Mr. Bligh has a string of releases planned for 2013, both digital & vinyl. You can check out a few choice cuts below.

BarryGruff Presents #14: No Monster Club, The Dead Beat + Be Curious, Kid :: Saturday, April 20th :: Flanagan’s Bar, Newbridge


‘BarryGruff Presents’ returns to Flanagan’s Bar for its 14th Newbridge installment on Saturday, April 20th. 

Over the course of the past 18 months there’s been some really special nights in Flanagan’s. Saturday night’s show promises to be another top night of live music with No Monster Club & The Dead Beat + Be Curious, Kid.

Dublin’s No Monster Club is without doubt, one of the finest and exciting live acts in Ireland right now. Their rough around the edges blend of surf rock/bubblegum pop/lo-fi indie has been compared to The Strokes, The Velvet Underground, The Unicorns and The Libertines and seen them share the stage with the likes of Ariel Pink, Squarehead, Wavves, Girls Names, Abe Vigoda and HEALTH. No Monster Club went down a storm the last time they were in Newbridge with We Are Losers, and this visit promises to be just as brilliant.

Fellow Dubs The Dead Beat are a four piece indie band, whose sound is firmly rooted in that classic indie sound. Far from being straightforward landfill indie, of which there is already too much; this is melodic indie/alternative rock done with a swagger and poise. The band is currently putting the finishing touches to their new EP, Your 19th Revolution, and take some time out for a first show in Newbridge. Joining them on the bill will be Kildare’s own Be Curious, Kid who has been steadily building a rep for themselves locally with their own indie-rock stylings.

It’s FREE in as usual & the show starts at 9pm. Another night of great music in prospect. [RSVP here]

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BarryGruff Presents #14: No Monster Club + The Dead Beat + Be Curious, Kid :: Saturday, April 20th – 9pm – Flanagan’s Bar, Newbridge

Attaque – ‘Warble’


Attaque has been making waves over the past two years, impressing at every given opportunity with his heads-down, brain-crumpling kinetic electro.  

Attaque has proven himself quite prolific too, with a string of singles, EPs and an album in relatively short space of time. Ahead of some new EPs, he has returned with a new track, ‘Warble’. While this name is slightly misleading, as the track does anything but warble, it is yet another great track from the Colchester boy. ‘Warble is in fact a pretty brutal assault of thumping  electro / techno, pitted with some ragga style vocals. 

No dates as of yet for the release of the aforementioned EPs but for now you can download ‘Warble’ for free below. 

(Video) No Monster Club – ‘A Better Fit’ + ‘The Community Games’ Compilation


‘A Better Fit’ is one of the three No Monster Club tracks on Popical Island’s The Community Games compilation, which features four EPs from four bands; No Monster Club obviously, Ginnels, Grand Pocket Orchestra & Cave Ghosts.  

There is something delightful about No Monster Club, their rough around the edges blend of surf rock/bubblegum pop/lo-fi indie is just so bloody lovable. Live or on record, NMC never disappoint, there is just a infectious sense of fun to everything they turn their hands too. ‘A Better Fit’ and it’s monkey-suited new video companion (by Narayan Van Maele & David Lester Mooney) is a case in point. The compilation as it goes, is rather excellent, with the Ginnels and NMC inclusions being the pick of the bunch. You can stream The Community Games in full here.

In case you didn’t know, No Monster Club will play ‘BarryGruff Presents’ #14 down here in Newbridge next Saturday, April 20th, but before all that, get to Whelan’s on Saturday for the gig featuring live sets from all four bands. 

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