(Video) No Monster Club – ‘A Better Fit’ + ‘The Community Games’ Compilation


‘A Better Fit’ is one of the three No Monster Club tracks on Popical Island’s The Community Games compilation, which features four EPs from four bands; No Monster Club obviously, Ginnels, Grand Pocket Orchestra & Cave Ghosts.  

There is something delightful about No Monster Club, their rough around the edges blend of surf rock/bubblegum pop/lo-fi indie is just so bloody lovable. Live or on record, NMC never disappoint, there is just a infectious sense of fun to everything they turn their hands too. ‘A Better Fit’ and it’s monkey-suited new video companion (by Narayan Van Maele & David Lester Mooney) is a case in point. The compilation as it goes, is rather excellent, with the Ginnels and NMC inclusions being the pick of the bunch. You can stream The Community Games in full here.

In case you didn’t know, No Monster Club will play ‘BarryGruff Presents’ #14 down here in Newbridge next Saturday, April 20th, but before all that, get to Whelan’s on Saturday for the gig featuring live sets from all four bands. 

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