The Expert & Danny Diggs – ‘Expert Diggs’


The Expert (one half of Messiah J & The Expert) has teamed up with Canadian counterpart Danny Diggs for a collaborative EP, aptly titled, Expert Diggs. 

The EP came from a simple idea whereby The Expert & Danny Diggs decided to digg in the crates and find songs to give each other to sample and flip and put their own unique spin on them. The result as you’ve probably guessed is Expert Diggs, which sounds like a real labour of love. So who flipped it better? Who cares? The really winner is us, the listeners, who are treated to two persons takes on a short but sweet selection tracks, spliced and diced into infectious, head nodding and beat filled jams. It more or less picks up where The Expert left off with the Neckbreakers beat tape, which in case you missed it, was excellent also.

You can download Expert Diggs in it’s entirety for free from bandcamp, you can’t say fairer than that, now can you?

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