(Video) Primal Scream – ‘2013’

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Primal Scream are set to return with new album More Light, their 10th album and first in almost five years, which will be released on May 6.

Bobby Gillespie & co. spent most of the past decade serving up pretty mediocre records, although spattered with some quality individual songs, they just seemed to lose their way. All that aside, ‘2013’, the first cut from Primal Scream’s forthcoming record is excellent. Driving along a warped saxophone, beats and stunning guitar work from Kevin Shields, it serves as a sort of ‘state of the nation’ address. Gillespie hisses and barks, denouncing everyone from “Thatcher’s children” to the “chairman of BP” while berating the fact that “every generation buys the lie just like the one before!”. There is obviously more, just give it the 9 minutes attention it deserves.

Hopefully ‘2013’ isn’t a false dawn, but judging by this 9 minutes of untamed political anger, Primal Scream may have rediscovered their way and not before time.

Introducing: Chemistry Lessons


Chemistry Lessons are an electro duo from the Welsh Valleys, now based between Cardiff and Bristol. 

The duo (of Gareth Burke & Mavis) have been involved in other musical projects for the best part of a decade, but it was in the summer of 2012 that they decided to get creative with distorted synths, drum machines and some cheap organs from eBay. The fruits of this creative spurt see a blend of big boisterous beats, flamboyant synth riffs and 8-bit electro sounds working in tandem to create something that lies between the realms of French electro, latter day Prodigy & a kid with a Gameboy. ‘Kobi’ in particular, is a wonderful example of what they are all about.

Chemistry Lessons are currently putting the finishing touches to a new EP. Until then, there are a few choice cuts below (including the aforementioned ‘Kobi’) which serve as a rather neat introduction to the world of Chemistry Lessons.

Pete Beat – ‘Borderline’

pete beat

Tyneside producer Pete Beat has apparently been knocking around for a number of years under various different guises, under which he was more concerned with breakbeat and house styles.

On his new EP, Doctor Doctor however, there is a new beginning of sorts, embracing what he calls himself “80s tinged electro pop”. This new change of tact is one that works if ‘Borderline’ is anything to go by. The standout track from his new EP, ‘Borderline’ is a majestic piece of electro pop with sweet harmonies slinking along bumping, funky beats with slumbering subdued vocals combining to create this tidy and utterly lovable track. While I’m not so taken with its companions from the EP, ‘Borderline’ deserves to be singled out for praise in its own right. 

‘Borderline’ is taken from Pete Beat’s Doctor Doctor EP, which is released on 19 March 2013.

SlowPlaceLikeHome – ‘Cathleen’s Fall’


SlowPlaceLikeHome excelled himself last year with three excellent EPs. he young man from Donegal is picking up where he left off, starting 2013 with news of a brand new EP entitled Romola, coming in March.

The first track from the forthcoming EP is ‘Cathleen’s Fall’. It is heavy on the bass and repetition, with illuminating little spurts of sound filtering in here and there, adding to the airy whoosh, melodic hook and rhythmic push toward a sparkling climax. Sit back, close your eyes and behold this absolutely wonderful track of supreme beauty. On this evidence and that of the previous EPs, Romola is one to keep an eye out for.

You can give ‘Cathleen’s Fall’ a listen below as well as all his previous work over on SPLH’s bandcamp.

Introducing: Galoshins


Scottish trio Galoshins are a rather curious proposition. Taking the unusual step of releasing their two debut EPs simultaneously, it sort of sums these guys up, there is nothing orthodox about this trio. 

The two rather intense EPs are bursting with ideas and provide an excellent, if somewhat incohesive snapshot of what they’re all about. Loosely, it is furiously buoyant whirlwind of organ fueled psych-punk but it is near impossible to pin them down. Although it does at times bring to mind something of early Futureheads meets The Things and Sluts of Trust. Whatever you want to call it, their off-kilter approach to rock ‘n roll maybe unhinged but never boring. Opening track ‘Shake Up’ sets the tempo, a hyperactive fervour with an exhilarating combo of serrated guitar, organ and vocals delivered with a strong parochial Scots lilt. It is a striking introduction as they career headlong through each track of an ever impressive, cacophony of furious unorthodoxy. 

Anyone bemoaning the lack of character or flavour to guitar music at present would do well to take note of Galoshins. Their EP1 & EP2 are out now through Armellodie Records.

[Image: © Michael Gallacher]

White Blush – ‘Mirror’

white blush

You know those tunes you hear and stop you dead in your tracks? Yeah? Well, ‘Mirror’ by White Blush, aka LA artist Carol Rhyu, is one of those.

From the get go the pulsating rhythm and drifting minimalism of ‘Mirror’ draws you in, with barely audible lyrics delivered like a dreamy distant cooing sealing the deal. A beautiful, dreamy piece of electro-pop with an extraordinarily otherworldly feel. While ‘Mirror’ is certainly the standout track from the EP, it is by no means alone. White Blush do dreamy electro-pop rather well, something reinforced by running even a fleeting ear over the self-titled debut EP. 

That’s enough waffling from this end. Check out ‘Mirror’ below and White Blush’s self-titled 6 track EP is also available from bandcamp as a ‘name your price’ deal. 

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – ‘Let The Day Begin’


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are preparing to release their new and 7th album, Specter At The Feast.

There is no great surprise from the album’s lead single ‘Let The Day Begin'; a meaty rock ‘n roll track with driving drums and fuzzed out wall-of-guitars. ‘Let The Day Begin’ is the kind of thing which BRMC have made a name for themselves over the past decade. In that sense it is a taste of what has, and what is to come from BRMC. In a world of ever increasing flux it is refreshing to find something grounded, familiar and reliable. While BRMC may never really produce spectacular trailblazing records, they do solid rock ‘n roll records rather well and sometimes that is quite enough.

Specter At The Feast is out on March 19th and you can catch BRMC live when the play The Academy, Dublin on March 11th.