BarryGruff’s Irish Songs of 2012 (Mixtape)


2012 has been another impressive year for Irish releases, leaving us with a hell of a lot of great albums, EPs and songs to enjoy. For such a small place it can be surprising, the sheer quantity and quality of stuff in Ireland. On the surface at least, Irish music appears alive, well and more diverse and vibrant than ever.

In an attempt to do the year some justice (some, I said), I decided to cobble together some of my favorites from throughout the year into a mixtape/compilation. Please excuse the odd mistake, my laptop has not been kind to me the past week. Without further ado, here’s my favourite ‘Irish Songs of 2012’.  The tracklisting is after the jump.


01 Monto – All Is Well

02 The Expert – Dynamite

03 SlowPlaceLikeHome – There Go The Lights Again

04 SertOne – Further Down (From Here to There)

05 Gem_Dos – Embrace The Fear

06 Myronik – Joyless

07 Forrests – Tarifa

08 The Casanova Wave – How The Beat Was Tempered

09 Sea Pinks – Lake Superior

10 The Urges – Fire Burning

11 The Statics – Holiday

12 Raglans – The Man From Glasgow

13 Cheap Freaks – 1984

14 House of Dolls – I Thought You Were My Friend

15 Anderson – Patterns

16 Conor Mason – Standstill

17 Knoxville Morning – Baseball Song

18 Simple Kid – The Road

(Honourable mentions to No Monster Club – ‘Be My Bone’, Death In The Sickroom – ‘Tonight’, Our Krypton Son – ‘Plutonium’, We Are Losers – ‘Salt Lips’, Lethal Dialect – ‘Dark Horse’, Ghost Estates – ‘October’ & The North Sea – ‘Decay’)

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  1. Rob O

    The class of 2012 are in effect! Monto, SlowPlaceLikeHome, Forrests …what a year for new Irish artists!! Great to have this talent so close to home.
    Great mix.

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