The Big Sun – StickleBacker EP

The Big Sun revolves around the talents of teenage singer-songwriter Berry who is ably assisted by ex-members of ’90s stalwarts Candyskins and Ride. The Oxford based band featured earlier in the year, when a number of demo’s sparked an interest but they are now releasing their debut EP, StickelBacker.

The StickleBacker EP takes a surprising turn down the pop-orientated road with ‘Tiger’, ‘Hanging On’ and ‘Time I Bought A Boat’; all glistening indie-pop tunes with a feelgood ’90s britpop vibe at their core. Berry’s voice is magnificent, especially on ‘Folly’. Stepping away from the pop-centric sound she is joined by a simple, rough electric guitar, combining to pluck away at the heartstrings. The EP is a little more pop orientated than expected, apart from the latter, but is still a great listen. 

The Big Sun’s StickelBacker E.P will be released on November 16th, until then there’s a few tracks below. 

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