(Video) Devin – Nineteen

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Having already released his excellent debut album Romancing earlier this year, Devin has followed it up quickly with a brand new single, ‘Nineteen’.

‘Nineteen’ follows a similar trend to that of his album, continuing to embrace the rock ‘n roll days of yesteryear. While much of his debut album was pretty frantic stuff, ‘Nineteen’ displays a softer, more melodic side; it is a slower, ballad-like song. Artist’s who throwback to days of yore are always going to be with us in abundance but Devin sounds sounds passionate and genuine, maybe he was born but perhaps not, ‘Nineteen’ is another fine slice of pop music from the NYC man.

‘Nineteen’ is out October 23rd through Frenchkiss Records.

Introducing: The Unusual History of Ether

The Unusual History of Ether is a songwriting partnership between Irish singer-songwriter Rebecca Collins and Danish guitarist Mikkel Ploug. The two met when playing together at the Dublin Fringe Festival several years ago and forged a musical connection, resulting in ‘The Unusual History of Ether’ and Rebecca relocating to Copenhagen. 

The fruits of coalition are fresh, slightly dark but profoundly beautiful indie pop songs, which are sung with passion, performed with grace and recorded quite beautifully. The Unusual History of Ether do, at times, recall the noir-ish, Gothic parts of Anna Calvi’s irresistible self titled debut from last year; particularly ‘Joshua’. Not a bad thing at all. There is a lot of potential here, especially as it has the potential to unite indie fans and lovers of pop in admiration.

The Unusual History of Ether released their debut EP Part One earlier in the year and have an album coming sometime in next year. Before all that, they will be touring Ireland in October/November, including Dublin’s The Workman’s Club (31/10) & The Riverbank, Newbridge (01/11). Full list of tour dates here

Album of the Week: Knoxville Morning – Knoxville Morning

So, yeah, on the surface the idea of a young man from Newbridge spinning yarns about Austin, New York and New Orleans may sound a bit mmeh. For Ciaran Dwyer, chief songwriter in Band On An Island, it wields a far greater reward than one might expect.

A trip across the US left Dwyer with a collection of songs and stories, of a distinctly different varietyto those of BOAI, and so Knoxville Morning was born. Under this new alias, with Dwyer at the helm, he is joined by fellow BOAI members and the likes of The Mighty Stef, Gavin Elsted (We Are Losers), Brian Gallagher (Humanzi), Stephen Fahey (Super Extra Bonus Party) and Claire Prendergast.

The record amounts to a sweet blend of folk, country and Americana, and while it wears it’s US influences on it’s sleeve, Ciaran’s intuitive storytelling remains a cornerstone, for which the whole album is built on. It flows nicely, without a stale moment, peppered with illuminating trumpets on ‘Knoxville Morning’, ‘Tulsa (m.o.e.)’ and ‘Trumpets’. It is lifted here and there with an added vocal collaboration, especially on the beautifully soulful duet with Prendegast on ‘Baseball Song’, and ‘Alphabet City’ with The Mighty Stef. The album is tainted with an underlying air of mournfulness, not sadness mind, but a lamenting for better days and happier times long since gone. Something everyone can identify with.

Plenty of artists have attempted a project like this, many of which veer on the ridiculous, while some, like The Lost Brothers or Fionn Regan (specifically his second album Shadow of The Empire) found that perfect balance. Knoxville Morning like the latter two is a success, and without a cliche in sight. Knoxville Morning wears it’s heart on it’s sleeve and it maybe shouldn’t work, but it does, and remarkably well too, which is a credit to Dwyer and all involved.

Runaround Kids & The Spills | Split Single

Runaround Kids have joined forces with label mates The Spills for a split release single, ‘Into The Light’/’Atomic Arabian Facebuster’.

The Wakefield trio have been pretty prolific this year, this being their third release of 2012, one of which was a split with our very own We Are Losers. ‘Into The Light’ is a 3-minute bag of fast, fuzzy of guitar rock with big riffs, bubbling bass and lung-bursting vocals. It is addictive, catchy and loud, displaying exactly what they do so well. Meanwhile The Spills offering, ‘Atomic Arabian Facebuster’ is equally addictive. A brilliant blend of noisy somewhat anthemic rock revolving around a chugging riff and screeching vocal, The Wedding Present meets Pavement if you will. An excellent introduction to a previously unfamiliar band

On a side note, Runaround Kids played one of the ‘BarryGruff Presents’ shows during the summer, this is only one example of their talent, they’ve got plenty more ammo in the locker (they are top lads too).

The split single is available on limited edition cassette (100 copies) and as a download from here now.

Candice Gordon – ‘Cannibal Love’

The ever impressive Candice Gordon is back with her second single ‘Cannibal Love’, released on October 29th, aptly titled for Halloween.

‘Cannibal Love’ is delivered with her now signature snarl and growl as she shrieks through an electric tw0-minute-plus cacophony of saw-toothed guitar riffs, set to a frantic demon punk stomp. Gordon’s output this last twelve months has been impressive, with each release bettering the last. There is no indication of when an album is due, that said, if she keeps up this kind of form I’ll happily lap up the singles and wait for an LP.

‘Cannibal Love’ is released w/ b-side ‘I See A Demon’ on October 29th – check it and the Nigella meets bloody cannibal video below.

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Introducing: Third Party

Third Party is Cardiff based music project revolving around the musical talents of Gruff Russell-Jones who have been knocking around Wales for a couple of years now. 

The tunes are invariably perky, infectious and likable, taking on the shared skin of both post-punk and pop punk. Lyrically it is irrepressibly delightful; simple,  honest and occasionally sharp tongued but always reeling against the miserable. Taken from the band’s 2011 EP, ‘Talking Shop’ and ‘Loose Connection’ display this aesthetic with emphatic style. Meanwhile their new single ‘Room With A View’ takes a more honed approach, less brash it is a jerky new wave number awash with quirk and rampant pop sensibilities.

Third Party are an unusual talent, without question. This is music that doesn’t take itself too seriously, preferring to make tunes that are both lively and fun. It is not an approach unique to them, what is though, is their ability at pulling it off without compromising the music.

Our Krypton Son – ‘I’ll Never Learn To Say Goodbye’

Our Krypton Son is the brainchild of Derry native Chris McConaghy. Having cut his musical teeth with various bands in his hometown he gathered close musician friends together in early 2010 to create Our Krypton Son; soon after which they signed with Smalltown America Records.

Our Krypton Son are now readying  the release of the self-titled debut album, and to whet the appetite somewhat, a special take of ‘I’ll Never Learn To Say Goodbye’, has been unveiled. Recorded/filmed in one take the Smalltown America studio during the closing recording session for the debut album, ‘I’ll Never Learn To Say Goodbye’ is a breathtaking song. A sombre, emotional and melancholy lament with a hint of uplifting spirit stretched to capacity by the tenderness of McConaghy’s vocals.

Our Krypton Son’s self-titled debut is out on 16th November through Smalltown America Records, judging by this latest nugget, not one to pass over.

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(Video) Ian Skelly – ‘Cut From A Star’

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Merseyside has such a rich musical heritage. While the focus of late has been on the steady stream of new talent emerging from the banks of the Mersey, today it is the turn of one of the old guard (relatively speaking).

Best known for his role as The Coral’s drummer for the best part of a decade, Ian Skelly is now about to go it alone for the first time. Skelly will release his debut solo album Cut From A Star on November 10th, the first cut from which, is title track ‘Cut From A Star’. The ’60s/’70s influences remain (as does some of The Coral’s style), they are woven with whispering lyricisms to form a woozy, down-tempo psychedelic waltz

With The Coral on a temporary hiatus, it’s good to see the individual members are using their time productively to concentrate on some solo projects.

Introducing: The Eyes In The Heat

Post-punk is such a broad and varied genre. It can and has been used to describe everyone from The Fall to Gary Numan, Echo & The Bunnymen to Cabaret Voltaire and more recently The Kills to LCD Soundsystem. Similarly it can be applied to The Eyes In The Heat.

Comprised of a techno producer, DJ Oliver Ho and an experimental artist, Zizi Kanaan, the lifeblood of DFA Records courses through the veins. Together this London pairing produce dark, fragmented post punk / synth pop with a dancefloor flavour, done with poise and purpose. Their debut album Program Me brings all these aforementioned ingredients together, in one palatable sitting.

The Eyes In The Heat’s debut LP is out now. You can enjoy some choice cuts from Program Me below.

(Video) Gaz Coombes Presents… White Noise

White Noise’ is the third single taken from former Supergrass man Gaz Coombes’ debut solo album, Here Come the Bombs. 

‘White Noise’ is as it happens, one of the finest moment from what is a debut solo record that’s certainly more than alright. Coombes is in wistful and reflective form. Opening with a finger-picked acoustic intro, before hitting it’s stride with beautifully subtle synths, acoustic strum and melody before launching into a soaring chorus. This is indie balladry of the very highest order, something we’ve become accustomed to no matter what guise Coombes is under.

‘White Noise’ is out on October 22nd.

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