Freedom Fry – ‘Summer In The City’

Freedom Fry are French & American duo of Marie Seyrat and Bruce Driscoll.

After apparently meeting on a film set in California a couple of years ago and they set to recording together and released their debut EP, Let The Games Begin, in August 2011. Following from this debut record the duo have released a brand new single ‘Summer In The City’. The timely named track is one of the breeziest,  chipper and infectious slices of sun-soaked indie pop that you are likely to hear anywhere.

You can download ‘Summer In The City’ and watch the video below.

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(Download) Milan Jay – In The Shadows of Footsteps

To date we’ve witnessed Milan Jay flirt with vast array of genres from indie, rock, electro to hip-hop. The Galway band’s latest single ‘In the Shadows of Footsteps’ is on a whole other level and could possibly be the most exciting departure yet.

‘In The Shadows of Footsteps’ is a high octane track, fueled by a heady mix of driving beats, synths and drones, coming out the other end sounding like the bastard child from a seditious love affair between Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros and ‘Rez’ by Underworld.

‘In the Shadows of Footsteps’ is due for release on August 4th – the same day they play Indiependence but you can grab it below and check out a feast of previously released music via soundcloud too.

We Are Animal | Indus Seal & Royal Wolf

It’s been a while since hearing from We Are Animal but the Welsh 5 piece are busy working on a new album and follow up to, the excellent debut, Idolise.

These Welsh wizards cook up something intrinsically curious, unusual and organic. Writing and recording mountainous region of Snowdonia, North Wales, this relative isolationism has done nothing to subdue the rampant creativity, in fact, their surroundings seem to inspire and add something special to the music.

This brings us to the new tracks. Their approach hasn’t changed much, say for the tapered abrasiveness and more controlled sound, they continue their foray through an explicit DIY attitude. The dark and trippy ‘Indus Seal’ has something of spaghetti western frontier vibe to it while ‘Royal Wolf’ trots along a similar trail and rhythmic groove.

A new record from We Are Animal can’t come quick enough, the band and their music is deserving of much greater notoriety and acclaim too.  

Machines Don’t Care – Feelings

Supergroup is a far to often bandied about term but when you have the collective talent of Toddla T, Hervé, Sinden, Detboi, Drop the Lime, Fake Blood, Trevor Loveys, and Affie Yusuf, what else would you call it?

To celebrate the upcoming release of their new single, ‘Beat Dun Drop’, out September 3rd,  Machines Don’t Care are giving away a new track, ‘Feelings’, from their upcoming mixtape. It is an absolutely thumping electro track full of a truly heavyweight beats and energy.

Download ‘Feelings’ below, and check out the video for ‘Beat Dun Drop’ ft. Meleka, which ain’t too bad either.

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Coastal Cities – ‘Relief’

Coastal Cities are a 5-piece indie-dance band from High Wycombe in West London, who formed while still at school through a shared love of 80’s New Wave and dance music. It is something that certainly resonates in their music.

The band’s latest single ‘Relief’ sails on a crest of New Wave influences to form slick and stylish dance-floor ready guitar pop, with a healthy dose of math-rock inspired rhythms and angular guitar lines. It’s lively, upbeat and an irresistible and very welcome spiky indie-dance delight. 

‘Relief’ along with b-side ‘The Voyage’ are out now and follow up their debut EP, Think Tank, which was released late last year. Check ’em out below.

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Introducing: H. Hawkline

Wales is no stranger to psychedelic, slightly odd-ball musicians, it has after all, nurtured the aberrant talents of everyone from Y Niwl, Super Furry Animals, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci and We Are Animal.

Now we can welcome Cardiff based H. Hawkline to this illustrious list. His rough ‘n’ ready approach fuses his experimental whims with gentle, somewhat surreal lyrics into songs that are beautiful, easy to listen to and startlingly strange at the same time. These odd ball eccentricities come to the fore in everything he does.

Take the title track of his new EP, ‘Black Domino Box’. It is upbeat and bright, revolving around a gently strummed acoustic guitar before veering off into a slightly warped space normally occupied by Syd Barrett or HMHB. A marvelous, exciting and special talent.

It’s probably best for Gruff Rhys, who oversaw proceedings, to have the last word “H.Hawkline is the beatiest thing to emerge from Lundy Island since the 2007 Norovirus outbreak”. You’ll hear no quarrel from this quarter.

Black Domino Box is set for release August 20, via Trash Aesthetics, and followed by a pretty extensive UK tour.

Introducing: Permanent Collection

Beginning as a solo project of Jason Hendardy in 2011, Permanent Collection, soon saw the addition of Brenden Nerfa, Megan Dabkowski and Mike Stillman before the year was out.

The San Francisco four-piece is set to release their debut album Newly Wed Nearly Dead in August, bringing with them two fine tasters in  ‘One Thousand Sins’ and ‘It’s Alright’. Their sound is a mish-mash of post-punk, shoegaze and garage influences with Hendardy’s vocals emerge from the squall of noise and atmosphere. Yes, this is a well traveled path but there is just something endearingly likable about these songs, something hopefully than comes through on their new album. 

If this sets your heart racing then mark off August 7th in your calendars, that’s when their new album is released. For now, here’s ‘One Thousand Sins’ and ‘It’s Alright’.