Introducing: Marika Hackman | Potent folk songs of enigmatic beauty

We have suffered something of a deluge ‘new folk artists’ from Britain in recent times. In reality, by and large, they have been purveyors of substandard happy-clappy pop, with a few notable exceptions of course. 

One such exception is London singer-songwriter Marika Hackman, whose folk style will undoubtedly see comparisons to Laura Marling. These are potent songs of enigmatic beauty with a striking vocal delivery, sounding both wise and beautiful, imbued with a striking level of touching emotion. She’s been working with Johnny Flynn and Adam Beach from the Sussex Wit to produce the double A-Side ‘You Come Down’ and ‘Mountain Spines’.

The double A-Side provides an excellent introduction to what Marika Hackman is all about and is released on September 3rd. Marika Hackman will also play a couple of Irish shows in late October/early November. 

 Marika Hackman – You Come Down

 Marika Hackman – Mountain Spines

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