We Are Animal | Indus Seal & Royal Wolf

It’s been a while since hearing from We Are Animal but the Welsh 5 piece are busy working on a new album and follow up to, the excellent debut, Idolise.

These Welsh wizards cook up something intrinsically curious, unusual and organic. Writing and recording mountainous region of Snowdonia, North Wales, this relative isolationism has done nothing to subdue the rampant creativity, in fact, their surroundings seem to inspire and add something special to the music.

This brings us to the new tracks. Their approach hasn’t changed much, say for the tapered abrasiveness and more controlled sound, they continue their foray through an explicit DIY attitude. The dark and trippy ‘Indus Seal’ has something of spaghetti western frontier vibe to it while ‘Royal Wolf’ trots along a similar trail and rhythmic groove.

A new record from We Are Animal can’t come quick enough, the band and their music is deserving of much greater notoriety and acclaim too.  

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