Introducing: The Big Sun

The Big Sun are an indie band from Oxford, fronted by 15-year-old singer songwriter Berry and backed by ex-members of Candyskins and Ride.

This is a refreshingly laid back and simple approach to making music, best displayed by ‘Folly’. Berry’s voice is magnificent, coupled with a simple, rough electric guitar, ‘Folly’ imbues emotion and plucks away at the heartstrings. ‘Lazy Bones’ is quite similar in that respect but with added classic indie punch, while ‘Nightbus Topdeck’ demonstrates a more up-tempo, psych-pop sound. 

These might only rough demo’s but there is no doubt this is a very promising talent. The Big Sun are in the midst of getting a debut record together but in the meantime, there’s plenty to enjoy on their soundcloud page.

The Big Sun – Folly (Evolution Studio)

Download: The Big Sun – Lazy Bones

Download: The Big Sun – Nightbus Topdeck

(Video) Session Victim – ‘Dark Sienna’

Hamburg/Berlin based Session Victim release their debut album, The Haunted House of House this week.

Taken from the duo’s aforementioned album, ‘Dark Sienna’, blends touches of disco and soul into a nice neat house package,  polished off with an undeniable dance groove. The video is pretty neat too and was filmed, directed & edited Paul Fegan.

It would seem The Haunted House of House might be an album worth checking out.

By The Sea – Dream Waters

By The Sea have impressed a hell of a lot over the past 12 months with a steady stream of stellar singles already under their belt. It looks set to get even better with news that their debut LP, Dream Waters, is to be released soon.

The Wirral 6-piece’s album was recorded and mixed by Bill Ryder-Jones and ‘Dream Waters’ is the first taste of what we can expect. ‘Dream Waters’ has something of a mystical wondrous quality. Starting slowly it builds through the haze, transporting you on a melodious journey of breezy washed-out sounds.

A wonderful track from a wonderful band. Things are looking good for their debut album.

Devin – Romancing

Album review of Devins ‘Romancing’ published for on May 16th 2012.

Looking to the past for inspiration is common place in modern music, after all, isn’t everything is borrowed? However, 2012 is unlikely to throw up another artist so keen to embrace the past than young New Yorker, Devin. Just a quick glance at the cover of Romancing and these suspicions are confirmed, it is an unashamed throw back to rock ‘n roll of yesteryear, an ode to the days of The Stones, The Ramones & New York Dolls.

As the album and song titles like ‘Born to Cry’ ‘You’re Mine’ and ‘In My Solitude’ suggest, this is a journey through the time-honoured themes of love, loss, and heartache. Apart from this, what strikes you as soon as you set Romancing loose on your speakers, is the raw energy and spirit that drives the album. From the thundering, lightening fast opener ‘Masochist’ to ‘Run’ and ‘Forever Is Only a Moment’ the flamboyant energy never dies.

This flamboyance transposes an effortless, carefree sense of fun and a remarkable danceable quality to his songs, an admirable quality. The hip-swinging ‘New Horrors’, ‘I Don’t Think I’ and ‘Too Soon’ hit the heady heights of Supergrass at the top of their game. It may be a predominantly hyperactive mesh of lively pumped up punk and garage riffs but despite the gritty production, Devin’s soulful blues-tinged vocals inject a touching sense of emotion to proceedings. Originality is obviously not his forte and you will probably feel you have heard these songs before but Romancing offers Devin’s take on a genre and style he loves, doing it justice with an album which sounds passionate, edgy and genuine. A worthy addition to any record collection.

Introducing: Police Squad

Police Squad are a Liverpool based 5-piece indie/garage band. Formed in 2008, they took their time releasing their debut EP,  Gestalt. It is said ‘good things come to those who wait’, it is certainly true in this casea likable and listenable release.

‘Y.oung D.airy F.armers’ and ‘Rezzonator’ demonstrates what Police Squad do best; catchy, endearingly likable indie songs with touching heartfelt emotion emanating from a heady mix of hooks, rhythms and melodies. The vocals, delivered with a certain deadpan melody, are a notable feature of the bands success. It does, at times, remind of Milburn or The Holloways on top of their game.

Nothing wholly original on offer here but what they do, they do exceptionally well and isn’t that all that matters?

Police Squad’s debut EP Gestalt is out now.

Two Wounded Birds – The Outer World

The wait for Two Wounded Birds‘ long-awaited debut album is almost at an end, the self-titled LP will be released on June 4th.

Two Wounded Birds have been building up steam over the past 18 months, unleashing their splendid brand of catchy, fun-filled and fast paced surf rock sounds to anyone willing to listen. Ahead of the albums’ release the band have unveiled a brand new track ‘The Outer World’. It is a dreamy and delicate affair, showing  a less tempestuous side to the band with more melancholic and vulnerable moments.

‘The Outer World’ is certainly a different side to what we have heard from the band on their previous singles. Check it below.

Johnny Feeney’s 3 Albums of 2012 So Far

The ever reliable Johnny Feeney returns for another guest post to highlight his favourite albums of 2012 so far.

First Aid Kit  – The Lion’s Roar

Swedish country/folk duo First Aid Kit (sisters Klara and Johanna Soderberg, aged 18 and 21 respectively) certainly had help from people in high places for their second album – The Lion’s Roar is produced by Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes, Monsters of Folk) with a guest appearance from Conor Oberst. Mogis adds flourishes throughout but the acoustic guitars and the remarkable intertwining voices of the Soderberg sisters are what rightfully come to the fore here.

One of the album highlights, ‘Emmylou’, is a song in thrall to country music with its sliding guitars and name checking of country greats such as Gram Parsons, Emmylou Harris et al. The soaring harmonies on the gorgeous ‘To a Poet’ and ‘I Found a Way’ are breathtaking and heartbreaking in equal measure. The mainly melancholy lyrics of heartbreak and sadness on here are in almost complete contrast to the upbeat, cheerful music and it takes a few listens to realise the conflict. A delightful album from a band who sound much older than their years.

Of Monsters and Men – My Head Is An Animal

A debut album of rousing indie-folk/pop from this 6-piece band from Iceland. There will surely not be too many records released this year as constantly, positively uplifting. The joyous ‘Dirty Paws’ opens proceedings brightly and the mood rarely drops – there are lots of encouraging shouts, whistles and mass singalongs throughout. With a girl-boy dynamic switching vocals, the music is similar in places to Mumford & Sons with acoustic guitars, uplifting accordions and trumpets.

The impossibly catchy ‘Little Talks’ is an album standout along with the majestic, life-affirming ‘Lakehouse’, a song that builds and builds until it explodes into so much life it’s hard not to be affected by its contagious positivity. The band can tone it down too and do so with devastating effect in the beautifully sparse closer ‘Yellow Light’, reminiscent of the XX but if after taking their happy pills.

Grimes  – Visions

It’s difficult to pigeon hole this album by Grimes, aka 24-year-old Canadian Claire Boucher, into any category other than electronic as the sound veers so wildly throughout. Clearly not sticking to any sort of template, the album is bristling with ideas and songs can change direction at any moment. When it clicks it’s sublime but understandably not everything does. However, you can only commend Boucher for her bold experimentations.

A highly danceable record with synths and beats dominating, there are some gems in here – the dreamy electro of ‘Genesis’, the squelchy ‘Oblivion’, the claustrophobic ‘Circumambient’, the spikily evil ‘Nightmusic’. Boucher’s high-pitched voice is almost indecipherable in places and frequently and effectively used in loops as added layers of sound. The tender R’n’B of ‘Skin’ comes out of nowhere towards the end and, in keeping with the rest of the album, pleasantly throws you off one final time.

Camden Crawl Dublin | A Quick Preview

Camden Crawl has become something of an institution across the water since first appearing in the mid ’90s. It prides itself on giving an equal footing to both established and emerging acts and for the first time Camden Crawl is coming to Dublin.

The line-up is mightily impressive, continuing it’s mantra, it has a nice mix of homegrown and international counterparts, both established and emerging. An interesting aspect of the festival is, to encourage exploration, stage times and venue line ups are kept secret until announced at the event via the free official programme.

In keeping with the spirit and ethic of the Camden Crawl Dublin, here are a few acts, both established and not so, to keep an eye out for over the weekend. As always, feel free to give a shout out to acts you think deserve a mention.



Portadown-born hip-hop producer SertOne is an undoubtedly talented individual. He has a knack for skillfully weaving of an electronic patchwork of hip-hop influences and silky samples with his own unique qualities and an ear for quality beats. He is a relative newcomer but with a slew of remixes, a free album and the exceptionable EP, The View From Above under his belt, this guy is surely destined for great things.

SertOne – Astro-Bazaar


REID is another electronic producer with a bright future. Since first coming to prominence just over a year ago, the Corkman  been showcasing his distinctive style of atmospheric electronic sounds with an energetic blend of slick beats. He has a remix coming on a Kitsuné collaboration and is currently working on his second EP. I managed to catch one of REID’s live shows last year and it impressed me a lot, he is another Irish producer an exciting future ahead of him.

REID – Miami

And the rest to keep an eye out for Come On Live Long, ASIWYFA, Duke Special, Jogging, Leathal Dialect, Wounds & Jape.


Gaz Coombes

The former Supergrass frontman has spent most of 2012 building up for the release of his debut solo album,  Here Come The Bombs. Coombes’ two tracks to date have been extremely impressive. ‘Subdivider’ and ‘Hot Fruit’ both offered a sound that while sounding different it retained something very familiar at the same time. A legend in his own right, he’s proving there is plenty of life after Supergrass.

 Gaz Coombes – Hot Fruit via TheSoundfull

Mystery Jets

Mystery Jets’ last album Serotonin was something of a flat tire, one that threatened to derail them from their path to the promised land. The bands latest effort Radlands however, sees them regain the momentum of the near perfect Twenty One. These guys have everything, a blitz of wonderful indie, quirky eccentricity and psychedelia, blended with the sweet Americana sounds of their latest record. It is hard to foresee these guys not doing the business, a definite must see.

Mystery Jets – Greatest Hits


Ghostpoet is no stranger to Ireland having played a string of shows here over the past year or so, yet, somehow I have yet to see him live, something I aim to rectify. Fitting somewhere between the everyday musings of Mike Skinner and the gruffness of Roots Manuva, he charts a journey through life in modern Britain, graced with his drawl, hazy idiosyncratic slurred delivery and a backdrop of atmospheric beats and screeches. His debut Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam proved him to be one of the most unique, exciting and thought-provoking of last year.

Ghostpoet – Survive It

Simon Bird

Originally from West Somerset but now based in Dublin, Simon Bird has released five EPs in the past year and a half or so. His latest, V EP is a relaxing, thought provoking and engaging listen and one of complex layers and rich ambient sounds. I’m yet to see him live, but there have only been glowing reviews. Bird is another hot prospect, no doubt about it.

 Simon Bird – Xerox Waveform Godless Ocean

Girl Band

Dublin based four-piece punk rockers Girl Band are another ‘yet to see band’ at Camden Crawl Dublin, that said, their releases to date are enough to get excited about. They specialize in thunderous salvos of aggression fueled and high-octane punk rock. Let’s hope their live show lives up to the likes of ‘Second One’, ‘Twelves’ and ‘In My Head’.

Girl Band – Second One

And the rest to keep an eye out for: We Are Losers, No Monster Club, Lemonada, Fionn Regan, Cashier No.9 & Toby Kaar.

Raglans – Digging Holes

Raglans burst 2012 into life with the release of their superb self-titled debut EP at the beginning of the year.

The Wicklow four-piece are all set to release the follow-up EP, Long Live, on May 25th. The first offering from the release is ‘Digging Holes’, a tasty morsel which retains the blistering energy of the debut EP and continues their love affair with jangling guitars and infectious sing-along choruses. ‘Digging Holes’ it is accompanied by yet another eye catching video from Finn Keenan (remember ‘The Man From Glasgow‘?). Raglans might not be a name too many are familiar but that looks as though it could change sooner rather than later.

Check out the video and download ‘Digging Holes’ below. Raglans’ Long Live EP will be launched in Whelan’s, Dublin on May 25th.

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Download: Sad Soul Circus – Splitting Apart

Having already impressed greatly earlier this year with ‘Waves’ and ‘Lost Ideas’, the 19-year-old Cork City based producer Sad Soul Circus continues his upward trend with ‘Splitting Apart’.

‘Splitting Apart’ showers you with chilled out tranquil sounds, which is becoming something of his forte. The track just oozes with a cool and fresh vibe, leaving you simply refreshed after listening to it.

On the evidence of ‘Splitting Apart’ and previous material, his 8-track album which is due out later this year could be quite something. Definitely one to keep the eyes and ears open for.