Candice Gordon – Smoking Like The Barrel of a Gun

South African born, Irish songstress Candice Gordon is back with a brand new single ‘Smoking Like The Barrel of a Gun’.

‘Smoking Like The Barrel of a Gun’ is mouth wateringly rocking and filled with guts and grit. Her incredible vocals (and screeches) are imbued with soul and emotion, backed by sways of feedbacking guitars and pounding drums. Following on from ‘I See A Demon’ late last year, this is yet another impressive statement of intent. 

‘Smoking like the Barrel of a Gun’ and b-side ‘I Haven’t Eaten In Days’, will be released on July 9th via Fauna Records, both of which you can listen to below.

Candice Gordon – Smoking like the Barrel of a Gun

 Candice Gordon – I Haven’t Eaten In Days

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