Introducing: Sive | Charming & Sweet Folk / Alt Rock Fusion

Sive is the brainchild of Kildare songwriter and musician Sadhbh O’Sullivan. The band was formed (in full) in 2010 following the addition of Eoin Hartweig, Patrick Hopkins and Mark Dudley to the fold. 

Drawing from a wide variety of alternative rock, jazz and folk influences, Sive’s gorgeous sound is a fusion of these influences, with perfect arrangement, excellent musicianship and charm. No question it is Sadhbh’s voice which is the greatest asset, it is simultaneously powerful, delicate and intricate, sweeping along sweetly, adding depth and feeling to songs, both bright and touching.

Sive left quite an impression on everyone with a stupendous performance at ‘BarryGruff Presents’ back in December and with their debut album, We Are Moving, out this Thursday, April 19th, it was high time we shed some light on this talent. The launch takes place in The Grand Social on the same day. More info here.

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 Sive – We Are Moving

Download: Sive – Sunkissed

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