#Keepingitpeel: What Else But Some Half Man Half Biscuit?

This year’s #keepingitpeel marks the seventh anniversary of John Peel’s passing, and for the second year running the John Peel Day for bloggers is taking place.

Peel was probably the most influential radio DJ in history and had a huge influence on fans of music and bands alike. His love of, and attitude toward music made him a unique figure. He took music at face value not caring what others thought, if he liked it, that was good enough for him. It is this which continues to impress me most, if only there were more in the world willing to emulate this attitude, after all, music is a completely subjective topic.

How best to honour his memory and legacy? It would be most fitting to introduce some new and interesting artist, but blogs tend to do this on a daily basis. Instead, here’s a few tracks from Half Man Half Biscuit’s many ‘Peel Sessions’, quite fitting really as without the great man I would never have heard what have become one of my favourite bands which he coined, ‘a national treasure’. I would be inclined to agree. 

 via HMHB

Mp3: Half Man Half Biscuit – Four Skinny Indie Kids (5 July 1998)  

Mp3: Half Man Half Biscuit – Tonight Matthew, I’m Going To Be With Jesus (2 February 1997)

Mp3: Half Man Half Biscuit – 24 Hour Garage Peopl (9 September 1999) 

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