Video/Download: Eugene McGuinness – Lion

It has been a little while but Eugene McGuinness is back with a new song ‘Lion’ as a free download.

Most recently he’s been busy touring as part of Miles Kane’s band but this sees a return to normal duties. ‘Lion’ is lively, uptempo and ridiculously catchy track swathed with swagger and a heavy, spooky guitar line or, according to the man himself, it’s just meant to be the biggest ‘fuck off’ my soul could muster”. Either way it’s a great track and offers an insight into new album, due for release in early 2012.

You can watch the video and download the track below. Check out ‘Fonz’ too, a timely reminder of what he’s already done.

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Eugene McGuinness – Fonz via UnFound

Mp3: Eugene McGuinness – Lion  via ListenBeforeYouBuy

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