Introducing: Limnetic Villains

Operating under this own name, Kildare based musician Vincent Lillis released three albums on now defeunct online record label ‘Rack And Ruin’. Following it’s demise he decided to change things up a bit and started making music under the guise of Limnetic Villains.

Comparisons between his and the music of Primal Scream, Death In Vegas or David Holmes are hard to avoid. He has a predilection for darkly shaded electronics and burning guitars which are filtered through an eerily murky mix of psychedelic rock and krautrock influences. While heavily indebted to the aforementioned artists this is far from imitation, he manages to put his own fresh stamp on this sound. 

Limnetic Villains is currently working on a new album but for now there is plenty sample below or on his SoundCloud.

Download: Limnetic Villains – Gun

Download: Limnetic Villains  – Creatures

Download: Limnetic Villains – Walk Through Walls

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