Introducing: Ghost Estates

Dublin 5 piece, Ghost Estates were formed from the remnants of two pretty different bands, SickBoy and 8Ball.

Named after the post ‘Celtic Tiger’ Ireland phenomena of unoccupied and unfinished housing projects, this coming together of forces results in a mish mash of different styles which works ever so well.

Debut single ‘Paris’ is electronic, euphoric in places while haunting and poppy in others, while second single ‘Forever or Never’, couldn’t be more different. It is a sublime slice of chipper indie rock, a la The Rifles etc. from across the water (my favourite of the two cuts).

A lot of potential here and with a debut album recorded and expected in the near future, these guys are ones to watch out for.

Catch them live at Electric Picnic next week or HWCH in October.

Download: Ghost Estates – Forever or Never

Download: Ghost Estates – Paris

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