Culture Factory – ‘Stranded in Paradise’

Having spent the best part of 3 years as one of the driving forces in Culture Factory this one is very close to my heart.

Formed in late 2007, Culture Factory is a voluntary group of young people attempting to establish a creative and social centre for the young people of Newbridge. The aim; to provide facilities for live music, rehearsals, dance, film, pool, artistic teaching zones, meetings and a café. Over the past few years the group has campaigned vigorously to raise awareness on the lack of facilities for young people and the need for Culture Factory. (You can read more here)

Recorded over the past 10 months, Stranded in Paradise is a compilation featuring songs from We Are Losers, Band on an Island, Christy Moore, Luka Bloom and a host of other local artists. The depth of talent in Newbridge is astounding, especially considering the album doesn’t feature Moths, Two Charming Men, Tracksuit Warrior or Super Extra Bonus Party.

There is something for everyone on the CD including two of my favourites from Sedna and a stripped down version of ‘We Vampires’ from We Are Losers. The CD will help raise much needed funds for a really great cause.

The launch night for Stranded in Paradise is 8pm this Saturday, August 20th in Sarsfields, Newbridge. Tickets €10 (€15 w/CD). Full info here.

We Are Losers – We Vampires

Sedna – Thank You

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