SOnance HOtel – Don’t Look Behind You

SOnance HOtel is the brainchild of Dubliner Brian Gallagher, probably best known for his drumming duties with Humanzi. Conceived in Berlin and shaped on return to Dublin, Don’t Look Behind You is quite a different beast from his previous work but is no less compelling.

Don’t Look Behind You is full of life, love and spirit unfolding in a haze of keyboards and subdued beats. While shrouded in a murky veil of melancholy it is a gentle, uplifting and beautiful blend of lush 90′s style indie as the melodies and guitars shimmer through the mist.

Playing like a first cousin of The Charlatans underrated masterpiece Us and Us Only opener ‘A Feeling of Time’ meanders into ‘2 Dimensional’ a masterpiece of swirling swagger while ‘Your Eyes Tell It All’ and its pulsating groove really sets the scene for what follow.

It is with repeated plays which reveal the true depth and captivation of this record of breathtaking songwriting and arrangement. So much so that it is hard to believe this is virtually the work of one man, with all the material being composed, arranged, performed and produced by Gallagher. Easily one of the best and most impressive Irish albums of 2011 so far.

 SOnance HOtel – Living Is For Dreaming

SOnance HOtel – Your Eyes Tell It All

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