Free Music: Jinx Lennon – Hungry Bastard Hibernia

Raw punk-poet extraordinaire, Jinx Lennon, is one of Ireland’s most unique and treasured musical enigmas.

For over a decade he has cast a withering eye over modern Irish life, with the trifling matters of everyday bleakness of life in an Irish town. In that time he has been addressing the nation’s conscience with his sometimes humorous, sometimes serious but always clever and true lyrical.

His latest offering, Hungry Bastard Hibernia is a collection of work recorded between 2007 and 2010. As these songs were intended for earlier albums there are stylistic difference between them but it doesn’t feel disjointed. The more synonymous punk-poetry of ‘Anthrax for the Mind’ and ‘Noisemaker’ sits perfectly with the minimal instrumentation, synths and electronics of ‘Earwigging’ and ‘Far Too Cosy’ (al a 2010’s National Cancer Strategy). It all allows more focus on his lyrics, always his greatest asset.

Absolutetly no complaints here, a very interesting and enjoyable addition the Jinx collection.

Hungry Bastard Hibernia can be downloaded for FREE via bandcamp below. Also what a title, no?

Download: Jinx Lennon – Earwigging

Download: Jinx Lennon – The Perfectly Formed Stars of Mullingar

You can catch Jinx live at ‘Party Against The Pipe‘ this weekend, Aughoose, Co. Mayo.

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