New tracks from Conor Mason: ‘Words’ & ‘5AM’

Conor Mason is set to release Standstill, the follow-up to his 2009 debut When It’s Over, later this summer.

Mason, one of the shining lights at last years HWCH in Dublin, put on an exceptional show for a lucky crowd, affirming his position as one of my favourite artists in Ireland right now.

He is picking up where he left off with his debut, keeping the richness, warmth and wistfulness intact. Both ‘Words’ and ‘5AM’ see the intricate instrumentation and delicacy take centre stage once more as flowing melodies slide gracefully over a sea of soft velvet vocals.

It sounds as though he is eeking out more of that full-band sound especially on ‘Words’, just wait for the Coral-eque guitar solo to kick in. Things are certainly looking good for the album later in the summer, I for one, cannot wait.

Conor Mason – Words

Conor Mason – 5AM

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