Crystal Stilts – Through The Floor

Brooklyn quartet Crystal Stilts, were at the forefront of what has become a lo-fi garage rock revival when they released Alight of Night back in ’09. That record resembled a cocktail of The Bees crossed with Joy Division or The Wedding Present, but what of now?

The intervening years have done them no harm at all, returning with ‘Through The Floor’, our first glimpse at what expect from their second album, In Love With Oblivion, out this April.

‘Through The Floor’ is still firmly in the lo-fi/post-punk camp, an extremely catchy number, the hazy drawl protruding above hand-claps, piano stabs, ooohs and lovely jangly guitars works wonderfully, wonderfully well.

Give ‘Through The Floor’ as spin below or download it via RCRDLBL here.

 Crystal Stilts – Through The Floor

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