Caribou :: Button Factory :: Dec 9th

Yikes! That was some kind of gig.

I’ve long admired Caribou, I missed them when they rolled into now defunct Wrexham venue The Tablot a few years back, last night I got my chance to make amends. That said, shamefully I’ve never really appreciated them properly, you know as they should be. For this reason I felt like I was intruding at last nights over capacity show in The Button Factory.

This feeling didn’t last long once Caribou took to the stage, I like everyone else was enthralled by the show, absolutely amazing. ‘Bowls’ was a personal high point as well as being right up the front but alas for my ears sake I had to take a backseat.

Tried to keep it short, enjoy.

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Caribou – Bowls via MrGroovaholic

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