British Sea Power – ‘Living Is So Easy’

British Sea Power already gave us the new EP Zues not too long ago, but it seems that was just a warm up. We’ve got a full length album coming our way soon, Valhalla Dancehall is due out in January. ‘Living Is So Easy’ will be the first single to be released from it at the end of November.

It’s early days but it’s quite relaxed and mellow by their standards, take a listen below and see what you think. If you like it those generous guys from BSP have decided to give it away for free (in exchange for an email) from their website. Get on it.

British Sea Power – Living Is So Easy via wilcow

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Videos: LCD Soundsystem :: Tripod :: Sunday Nov 21

LCD Soundsystem were billeted in Dublin’s over the weekend as they closed their European Tour with three nights in Tripod. I’m sure there will be plenty written elsewhere so I’ll keep it short.

Sunday’s show was absolutely amazing as they did their best to lift the roof off the old Harcourt Street Station with a career spanning, essentially ‘greatest hits’ set. The show seemed to have an added edge due no doubt to it being the last show of their European Tour. It wasn’t until the encore that the enormity of situation struck me, this could be in fact my last chance to catch them live. I hope this isn’t the end.

So many highlights, ‘Losing My Edge’ & ‘Drunk Girls’ in particular but I promised to keep it short but it’s not often you shell out close to €50 and don’t feel aggrieved, this was a masterclass!

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Thanks again to Stevie Moon for the help with the camera work.

Video: Arcade Fire – ‘The Suburbs’

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New video for Arcade Fire’s ‘The Suburbs’ directed by Spike Jonze depicting a snap shot of Texan suburban life apparently. It’s taken from the album of the same name which received mixed reviews earlier in the year but it’s really grown on me these past few months.

The band plays Dublin’s O2 on December 5th.

Videos: FMC Tour ‘Kill’

On Friday night the FMC Tour w/ Fionn Regan, And I Watch You From Afar and Jape was in town, by town I mean The Late Lounge in Kill. As it’s a little closer to my home turf than Limerick it would be frightfully rude not to attend, so for the second time in 6 days I was treated to three Irish acts of the highest caliber.

In short all three were excellent, a beautifully intricate masterclass of an acoustic show from Fionn Regan followed by an electrifying Jape set including some new tunes (see below) and an absolute aural assault as expected from ASIWYFA. Hopefully we can look forward to something similar next year.

There’s some videos including two new Jape tracks after the jump. Kudos to Stevie Moon for the camera assistance once again, enjoy.

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