British Sea Power – ‘Living Is So Easy’

British Sea Power already gave us the new EP Zues not too long ago, but it seems that was just a warm up. We’ve got a full length album coming our way soon, Valhalla Dancehall is due out in January. ‘Living Is So Easy’ will be the first single to be released from it at the end of November.

It’s early days but it’s quite relaxed and mellow by their standards, take a listen below and see what you think. If you like it those generous guys from BSP have decided to give it away for free (in exchange for an email) from their website. Get on it.

British Sea Power – Living Is So Easy via wilcow


01. Who’s In Control

02. We Are Sound
03. Georgie Ray
04. Stunde Null
05. Mongk II
06. Luna
07. Baby
08. Living Is So Easy
09. Observe The Skies
10. Cleaning Out The Rooms
11. Thin Black Sail
12. Once More Now
13. Heavy Water

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