The Bees – Every Step’s A Yes

The Bees could quite easily be the greatest 60’s band there never was. They are one of the most under-rated and overlooked talents to emerge in recent years.

Every Step’s A Yes is album number four and it sees them take a more cohesive and unobtrusive approach. It’s quiet difficult to single out songs for special praise as they aren’t noticeably different from one another. They’re bound together by a belief in their own ability, eking out every ounce of inspiration from their wide-ranging influences of 60′s rock, folk, reggae, soul and jazz. In doing so they have created a remarkably refreshing record, no mean feat when you consider the reggae-ish grooves of ‘Winter Rose’, samba strut of ‘Gaia’ and the jangly sitar laden ‘I Really Need Love’ which all sit comfortably together.

It’s a much more mature record less prone to catchy hooks, more concerned with melodic, acoustic songs. While some of their much noted eccentricity seemingly evaporated, after multiple listens this withdrawn approach is hugely inviting and rewarding.

The Bees – I Really Need Love via Polydor

The Bees – Silver Line via rocksteddie

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