Losers – ‘Beautiful Losers’

The inaptly named Losers are the combined talents of XFM Remix stalwart Eddy Temple Morris and Tom Bellamy of Cooper Temple Clause fame. Their debut album Beautiful Losers is a boisterous blend of electro, trip hop, grime, house, and some laid back techno.

It may lack the subtly and savvy important ingredients with many of the current crop of electronic music stars, it may even be somewhat retrospective but it does exactly what it says on the tin. Their music is overwhelmingly geared towards clubs and live settings, with the album jammed packed with what one used to call ‘bangers’; from the heads-down electro of ‘No Man Is An Island’ to the slick, grime fused electro and pinpoint tit-for-tat rhyming of Riz MC & Envy on ‘Flush’.

It’s not going to change the world, nay, music but it’s sure to get people dancing or at least a few heads nodding, now what’s wrong with that?

Losers – Flush

Losers – Talk to the Hand

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