Video: Carl Barāt – ‘Run With The Boys’

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The video for first single, ‘Run With The Boys’ from Carl Barât‘s self-titled debut solo album released on October 4th. It’s extremely catchy and I still haven’t gotten sick of it, a good sign.

Edit: Two Irish dates just announced, Belfast’s The Stiff Kitten on Sunday November 14th & Dublin’s Academy 2 on November 15th. Tickets go on sale Wednesday 29th September at 9am.

F.O.O.L – ‘We Are Not French EP’

Swedish duo F.O.O.L (Fuck Our Ordinary Lives) are beginning to impress more and more with each release, latest EP We’re Not French is no different. They’ve already ably proven their ability to drop flamboyant, vicious, loud and dirty electro, ‘We Are Not French’ is all about the heavy hitting synths and a wicked and bouncing bassline.

The EP comes with a string of seriously tasty remixes – The Owl Vision remix is a particular massive tune, I’d love to hear this one dropped in a live set it’s sure to knock the stuffing out of you.

We’re Not French EP is out now.

F.O.O.L – We Are Not French (Original Mix)

F.O.O.L – We Are Not French (Owl Vision Remix)

The Radio Dept. – The New Improved Hypocrisy

Swedish trio The Radio Dept. are apparently not ones for shying away from their left-wing socialist leanings so it was probably no surprise in their native land they decided to take aim at Sweden’s conservative government in the run up to last weeks general elections (they dropped seats in case you’re interested but worryingly the far right unfortunately gained some ground).

This one’s been on repeat for weeks, I only realized it had evaded making a worthy appearance on the blog today. Bluntly put ‘The New Improved Hypocrisy’ is warm, fuzzy and instantly likable shoegazey indie with intelligent and insightful lyrics, nuf said.

Unbeknown to me these guys have been around for quite sometime so it might be a smart move to track down some of their back catalogue.

Enjoy your weekend.

The Radio Dept. – The New Improved Hypocrisy

Evil Unkle – ‘Songs For The Road’

Galway musician Evil Uncle has released a new EP Songs for the Road. In a novel move sure to endear him to many a cash strapped music fans the price has been set at rather reasonable €0.00. The release coincided with an intriguing guerilla distribution campaign, 5,000 copies been left on cars down at Electric Picnic with a further 2,000 copies left in random places around Dublin, Cork and Galway.

“We were going through the process of getting the EP into record stores and trying to decide a price and I just decided, fuck it, why not just give it away? There’s a recession going on and the people must have music. Besides, every drug dealer worth
his salt knows that you give the first hit away for free….”.

It’s a rather curious mix of influences and styles all wrapped up in a DIY box with interesting lyrics, beautiful melodies, strong vocals (al a Simple Kid/Ray Davies) and some serious melancholy.

A Debut album is nearing completion and nationwide tour is pencilled in for November, if this is a taste of things to come we’re in for a treat.

Here’s two reasons to grab Songs For The Road for free now from

Evil Uncle – Timmy

Evil Uncle – Something For Nothing

Two Charming Men :: Button Factory :: Saturday (25th Sept)

Kildare duo Two Charming Men take to the decks this Saturday headlining Transmission in The Button Factory. They continue to build on their pretty spectacular rise this year which has seen them support the likes of Foamo and remix for Disco Killah and Lorcan Mak.

I’ve been meaning to catch these guys live for ages, since they first featured on the blog months back as it happens but something always cropped up, hopefully this Saturday will be different. It promises to be a “hellovalotta fun” with lots of killer floor filling electro and a slight touch madness no doubt.

Doors @ 11pm.

Disco Killah – Ravage Two (Two Charming Men Remix)

Lorcan Mak – 4 The Love (Two Charming Men Remix)

British Sea Power – ‘Zeus EP’

British Sea Power have announced a brand new 7 track EP, ‘Zeus’, to be released on 4th October. It’s the band’s first release since The Man Of Aran soundtrack in 2009 and is a precursor for the band’s fourth studio album set to be released in January next year.

It appears to be as you were from British Sea Power with no surprises; epic indie-rock with sweeping guitars and esoteric additions and allusions, can’t wait to hear the full EP.

You can listen to ‘Zeus’ below and can grab it for free from their website.

British Sea Power – Zeus

What do you think?

The Charlatans – ‘Who We Touch’

20 years on from The Charlatans debut Some Friendly sees them return with their 11th studio album, Who We Touch. One could be forgiven for thinking they were a band who had lost their way with the last decade being very unkind to them with a number of sub-par records, Up At The Lake (2004), Simpatico (2006) and You Cross My Path (2008).

The Charlatans have proven on more than one occasion throughout incident filled career, they are survivors. The carefully constructed Who We Touch is testament to this, a return to form borne refreshingly from a love of playing music rather than money with commercial interests taking a back seat.

The record is full of warm, endearing tunes with no unfounded bluster or raking over past glories. This is the sound of a band who’s smoothly assured and matured to a level where they are comfortable in their own skin. Excluding muscular opener ‘Love Is Ending’, it’s the softer, sweeter and melodic edge of songs like ‘My Foolish Pride’, ‘Your Poor Soul’, ‘Intimacy’ and ‘Sincerity’ which binds this one together superbly with Burgess’s recognizable vocals soft and impassioned throughout.

It may not be Tellin’ Stories or Us and Us Only but it’s a very worthwhile album. Their sound may be a tad old-fashioned or antiquated but there is certainly still life in the old dog yet, this is easily the best record they’ve put together in almost a decade.

The Charlatans – Love Is Ending

The Charlatans – Sincerity