A Must Download: ‘Guards EP’

It’s not often a mysterious release arrives from a band so elusive it’s near impossible to find anything about them online. It seems everyone’s struggling to discover more about Guards, all that’s known so far is they are based in NY and buzz band Cults bluntly announced via twitter they featured on this new debut EP. It might as well have dropped straight from the sky.

This kind of inscrutable nature intrigues me (it’s probably designed to do so). It turns out if you didn’t already know, not knowing anything about a band doesn’t inhibit the enjoyment of music especially when it’s this good, memorable 60’s inspired, breezy, lo-fi garage rock at it’s very best.

The EP features collaborations with Caroline Polachek of Chairlift as well as Cults. It’s solid as a rock the whole way through but don’t just take my word for it, download it for FREE from their bandcamp page – here’s two very good reasons why you should below.

Mp3: Guards – Resolution of One

Mp3: Guards – Crystal Truth

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