Inbox Jukebox: Tone Idle, Red Army, Kid Adrift & Live at Kalibou Beach

Live at Kalibou Beach

With an almost overwhelming amount of emails coming through each day it’s hard to post everything that’s good. This is an attempt at rectifying this problem and showing some love to the ones which deserve yours and my attention.

Mp3: Live at Kalibou BeachSlushball

Live at Kalibou Beach are electro duo Dhom and May from Dresden, Germany who “like guitars, some screaming, toy guns, stars and jumping in pools”. This eccentricity is certainly replicated in their music, a rather quirky, uplifting but industrial brand of electro pop with flashes of 8-bit blips. They follow-up last years debut album Brilliant Eyes with Herz Esbjerg in August.

Red Army – Hashrock

Red Army (aka James Fuhring) is no newbie, playing and creating drum & bass since the late nineties and has even hooked up with the maestro Alec Empire. Drum & bass can sometimes seem severely repetitive but thankfully there’s none of that on show here –  much more complex dark, sweeping, forceful and punchy stuff.

Tone Idle – Roll The Drums

Based in the South East of England Tone Idle are duo James Matlock and Marc Manning. These guys have been making bass-filled synth-accented electro tunes together for about 9 months and have also worked closely with A1 Bassline, Tek-One, Joy Orbison and Kavsrave. With a pile of fresh music waiting for release later this year this is surely only the beginning of the story.

Kid Adrift – Static

Glasgow’s Kid Adrift is walking the fine line between rock and electro which can sometimes blow up in your face. That’s not the case here and he’s very much his own man. It is big, dirty and screaming with influences of dubstep and drum & bass – lots of blips, beeps, bass, guitar hooks and catchy vocals galore. ‘Static’ is taken from Oxytocin EP is out now.

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