Maxïmo Park ‘Quicken The Heart Remixed’

Many months ago Maxïmo Park began a remix project as a way of giving a platform to new and underground bands, producers and DJs living in the North East of England. After much uploading, streaming, downloading, listening and embedding the North East did not disappoint,  receiving 30 remixes in response to the call.

This week the band proudly unveiled the fruits of their collective and collaborative labour, the band were simply overwhelmed by the quantity and even more so by the quality of the tracks. There’s a pretty broad spectrum of tracks, from the very odd to the more accessible but it’s certainly a very interesting and worthy interactive and collaborative project for which many other bands of Maxïmo Parks stature would feel is beneath them.

They will release (locally) a free remix with NARC Magazine but you can head on over to their site to stream and download the tracks, here’s two reasons below.

Maxïmo Park – Overland West of Suex (The Glint’s Hypsographical Ryoga Remix)

Maxïmo Park – I Haven’t Seen Her In Ages (Fulcrum 4’s Another Ryoga Mix)

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