New Orbital ‘Don’t Stop Me’

Orbitals place in music history is without question (and I’m a big fan too) but news of new material from the Hartnell brothers for the first time in some years was greeted with some apprehension here. This was mainly because of some sub-par records post Middle of the Road and a severely lacklustre performance at Electric Picnic following their re-union which felt hugely dated, static, lethargic and left an overarching feeling this was a simple exercise in nostalgia, maybe they should left well alone. For the sake of balance perhaps they were just rusty after a number of years out.

What of the new stuff?

On hearing ‘Don’t Stop Me’ (Yes it’s just one track) it appears they’ve stuck with their trademark trancey experimental synths which you’d expect, fused with samples from Buggles ‘Video Killed the Radiostar’ (I think) and many of the characteristics of ‘modern’ electro and house, bringing it nicely up to date. It’s not groundbreaking stuff but certainly a very welcome development.

Orbital – Don’t Stop Me

Tame Impala ‘Innerspeaker’

Hardly synonymous with warm fuzzy psychedelia, Australia, more noted for exuberant and over the top rock n roll has had a plethora of exports only too eager to go down this well-traveled route. Things may be about to change with the arrival of Tame Impala’s dazzling debut Innerspeaker.

On a first listen the expansive nature can be slightly overwhelming especially the vast nods of respect to past greats from 60’s Britpop to American psychedelia giving it a slightly vintage feel yet it still manages to remain fresh, vibrant and alive; no mean feat at all. For the most part the album is a beautiful blend of sunshine vibes, meandering melodic sensibilities (akin to The Bees) and raw fuzzy hooks and riffs, all perfectly complemented by Kevin Parkers eerie vocals meeting every melodic turn or rhythmic surge.

The overarching cohesiveness of this album demonstrates a real sense of control throughout. It avoids unneeded tangents or self-indulgence and other pitfalls which would obstruct the albums grander. This record couldn’t have been released at a better time, the perfect companion for sunshine filled summer days (and nights).

Mp3: Tame Impala – Desire Be, Desire Go

Tame Impala – Lucidity

Weekly Playlist: Nicolas Jaar, Casiokids, Unkle, Tame Impala…….

A slightly sparse weekly roundup of tracks returns for your aural pleasure.

Mp3: Nicolas JaarLove Teacher

19-year-old Nicolas Jaar is apparently creating a bit of a stir across the water in the US. It’s easy to see why with this superbly fresh, subtle and yes, brilliant tune – really looking forward to hearing more from this guy.

Mp3: Tame ImpalaSolitude is Bliss (Mickey Moonlight Remix)

Tame Impala’s debut album has been one of the most enjoyable records so far this year, it will of course get some further attention later but until then there is this excellent Mickey Moonlight remix to whet the appetite.

Mp3: CasiokidsFinn Bikkjen

Not a new one by any stretch of the imagination from the beautifully named Norwegian electro-troupe that is Casiokids. absolutely loved this one last summer and yes you guessed it, love it this summer – best get this one spinning while the weather lasts.

Unkle – Follow Me Down (The Golden Filter Remix)

Unkle’s latest album Where Did The Night Fall is unsurprisingly impressive as is the original of this tune but remixes are always welcome here and The Golden Filter give it a dark disco twist.

Audio Bullys – Kiss The Sky (RuN RiOT Remix)

Audio Bullys ‘Kiss The Sky’ gets the RuN RiOT treatment, the London-based producer and musician has crafted a barnstorming high-octane remix brimming with energy and attitude.

LCD Soundsystem – You Wanted A Hit (Soulwax Remix)

Time to keep it short and sweet for once.

It’s not often a remix deserves a post all to itself but Soulwax have popped up with a heavy hitting remix of LCD Soundsystem’s ‘You Wanted A Hit’. It borrows a little bit of musical inspiration from Air’s ‘Sexy Boy’ it seems – proving why they’re one of the best in the business a perfect soundtrack to a sunny Saturday afternoon.

LCD Soundsystem – You Wanted A Hit (Soulwax Remix)

Video: The Book Club ‘What Was Said On The Landing’

You forgot a username for the YouTube shortcode

It’s been a busy day but there’s just enough time to post this brand new video from The Book Club (detailed post here). The tune is pretty standard as far as Joe Carnall goes (not a bad thing), the video has a nice DIY approach with all the footage taken from their last UK tour including ‘The Horse & Jockey’, one of the many bars I used to frequent in Wrexham (at 0.12).

The Richter Collective Label Sampler

Probably the most exciting and interesting label in Ireland at the moment The Richter Collective are offering a free label sampler to download. The sampler includes some of the acts for which it’s now home to; The Redneck Manifesto, Adebisi Shank, BATS, Not Squares, Enemies and The Vinny Club to name but a few.

Here are two very different reasons to check out and download the sampler here

The Vinny Club – Its Not You (Its Of)

Adebisi Shank – Oyasumi

Pendulum ‘Immersion’

Pendulum are without doubt one of the best live performers on the planet and prized assets for festival goers. The question on everyone’s lips is, can they produce a studio album that matches, captures and exhilarates to the same level as their live sets?

In short, no. This may be due to the simply awesome live shows they put on and the impossibility of transferring that energy from the stage to the studio. They’ve made great strides with Immersion and it’s much more cohesive as an album than Propane Nightmares, lead single ‘Watercolour’ acts as a necessary bridging point between the two albums. The electro/rock fusion no longer takes centre stage but is still very prominent and more finely tuned as a result and the revistation to their drum n bass roots is announced loudly by ‘Salt in the Wounds’.

The new-found cohesiveness is exemplified by two parter ‘The Island’, the first of which is rather conventional, thick synth line building steadily and leading to part two ‘Dusk’, where dizzying beats, bleeps, faders and builds let fly in Justice-esque fashion, which will be massive live. They may not have matched the heady heights of The Prodigy’s Invaders Must Die for the electro/rock combo but it’s not for the want of trying which included the enlisting of Liam Howlett on ‘Immunize’.

While they have the musical subtly of being hit in the face with a shovel, there is something ingratiating about it even if they remain a dish best served live.

Pendulum – Immunize (Feat Liam Howlett)

Pendulum – Salt in the Wounds

Gruff Rhys Separado! Trailer

You forgot a username for the YouTube shortcode

Super Furries frontman Gruff Rhys is always a pretty busy guy with solo, side projects and appearances with the likes of Gorillaz but has still found time to star in a new psychedelic musical documentary Separado! about his long-lost Patagonian uncle Rene Griffith. No release details yet but this should be interesting to say the least.

New Arcade Fire: ‘We Used To Wait’/’Ready To Start’

The anxious anticipation surrounding the release of Arcade Fire’s upcoming album The Suburbs has hit fever pitch with the first airings of the North American and UK singles yesterday. It was that man Zane Lowe again who dropped ‘We Used To Wait’ on Radio 1 and ‘Ready to Start’ was played on U.S radio earlier in the day.

It’s hard to gauge after only a few listens but they sound much more rooted in what we’ve become accustomed to expecting from ‘Arcade Fire’ unlike the punky ‘Month of May/The Suburbs’ leaked a few weeks ago. While pertaining many of the usual characteristics there is still an air of freshness, unfamiliarity and discovery. While you can make up your own mind, on first impressions, ‘Ready To Start’ is murky, dark, bass-driven and quite similar to ‘Neon Bible’. ‘We Used To Wait’ is built on a ditsy piano and is as uplifting as it is beautiful, this one keeps demanding more and more attention.

The final judgement is up to you, have a listen to the radio rips below, so, what do you reckon?

Arcade Fire – We Used To Wait

Arcade Fire – Ready To Start

Weekly Playlist: The Chemical Brothers, Scratch, The Qemists, Big Charlie, Minitel Rose………

A slightly more comprehensive weekly roundup of tracks returns to compensate for any aural neglect afflicted by The World Cup.

Mp3: The QemistsYour Revolution

The first serving from Ninja Tunes ‘The Qemists’ as they follow-up Join The Q with the seriously bass heavy ‘Your Revolution’. Only recently becam aware of them but this is a massive tune.

Mp3: The Chemical BrothersEscape Velocity

The new Chemicals album (more on that later) sees a return to form following some ‘mediocre’ releases, all 9.59 mins of ‘Escape Velocity’ is a frank reminder why they’re one of the greatest electronic artists of all time and should never be written off.

Mp3: Minitel RoseWild Birds (Thieves Like Us Remix)

No sooner had I began sinking my teeth into the 80’s obsessed Minitel Rose new album Atlantique and a flurry of mixes appeared on the horizon to distract me. The pick of the pile is Thieves Like US summery mix an overload od groovy beats and wah-wah guitars.

Mp3: Scratch – Too Late (Ft Damon Albarn And Talib Kweli)

What happens when you cross a member of The Roots (Scratch) with Damon Albarn and Talib Kweli? Beautiful majestic and melodic perfectly chilled hip-hop. Where does Albarn find the time?

Mp3: Big CharlieRoses

Big Charlie are Italian duo Matteo De Ruggieri and Stefano Milella, largely influenced by the likes of Phoenix and Beck they’re sound is difficult to categories with touches of electro samples coming through. ‘Roses’ meanwhile is a meandering, endearing almost lo-fi track at times with some strong Super Furry Animals sentiments to it.

Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill (The Japanese Popstars Remix)

The Japanese Popstars have to be one of the busiest in the business and hot on the heels of the release of the video for ‘Destroy’ last week comes their long-awaited remix of Gorillaz ‘On Melancholy Hill’, great stuff as usual.

Disco Killah – Ravage Two (Two Charming Men Remix)

It’s hard to believe this is only Two Charming Men’s remix but the Kildare duo have returned with another dancefloor destroyer, this is certainly not the last time we will be acquainted with these guys here or elsewhere. They support FOAMO! at Transmission in The Button Factory, Dublin on 17th July.

Sali Feat M.I.A – Toldya

There was a bit of a stir surrounding this one whether it’s a collaboration or features samples from M.I.A – boo woo! It’s the later but regardless ‘Toldya’ is a decent slice of sample-filled craziness, while I’m not one to cause further trouble it does sound as though it’s borrowed more than a drop of inspiration from EMF’s ‘Unbelievable’.