Mondkopf – Deaf House EP

I first became aware of  Mondkopf via Nialler9 who aptly proclaimed him the “bastard child of Moderat and M83′, I’d be inclined to agree. The 23 year-old French producer is certainly a rising star and last years impressive Galaxy of Nowhere cemented his status, with a new EP on the way for release in July it’s likely you will be hear lots more about this guy.

The EP is full of crunchy beats and complex orchestrations and you can here it below, any odds on an Electric Picnic performance?

Mondkopf – Deaf House EP

Deaf House EP will be released 5th July

New Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire need little introduction, I loved Funeral but had more mixed relationship with Neon Bible which was probably more to do with me rather than them. Anyway Zane Lowe debuted two songs from forthcoming 12″ (he’s making a habit of this sort of thing) while it’s also been announced via their website third album The Suburbs will be released on August 2nd.

‘The Suburbs’ is pretty much what we’ve come to expect from them with really catchy piano lead, it will be running around your head all day. ‘Month of May’ meanwhile is much more intriguing with its uncharacteristic urgent punk vibe, it even has the 1,2,3,4’s, a la Rodney Trotters attempts at music with Mental Mickey. It’s certainly different but I’m liking it!

Third album The Suburbs will be released on August 2nd (UK) /3rd (US). You can pre-order it here.

Arcade Fire – The Suburbs

Arcade Fire – Month of May

New: Klaxons – Flashover

It’s been almost 3 years since Klaxons burst onto the music scene with dazzling live sets and the rather impressive debut album Myths Of The Near Future. Where did they go? Their second album was shelved by Polydor for apparently being too “experimental” whatever that means?

Some overdue new material from the forthcoming second album was released last night. It’s produced by Ross Robinson who has worked with Sepultura and Slipknot which might explain why it’s loud and heavy, not exactly what we had come to expect from them but good non the less.

Klaxons – Flashover

It reminds me of something but can’t for the life of me place it!

The Rags – A National Light

Over the past number of years Dublin band The Rags have released a  string of brilliant (if underrated) singles and played scores of impressive live shows, but the long-awaited album appeared to elude them until now and A National Light has certainly been worth the wait.

It’s refreshing to discover a band dealing with the everyday complexities of Irish life and the many issues, social and political which are often left to the preserve of the folk fraternity. Their style and sensibilities has much in common with those of The Libertines and The Smiths, having the ability to comment substantially on social issues while wrapping it up with beautiful poetic lyrics, catchy hooks and cracking tunes.

While there are outside influences its rooted deeply in Dublin, through lyrical content and the distinctive raspy vocal delivery, akin to a Dublin Johnny Rotten. It is the marriage of these two strands that hits the spot. Opener ‘Uniforms & Neckties’ is an angry, stinging attack on the modern money and material obsessed rat race and ‘A National Light’, with a little help from James Joyce declares a dream where parliament is ‘sacked’ and a new ownership the city. Whilst the record is quite angry and forceful it’s still very upbeat, steering clear from the pitfalls of angst, winge ridden rock which has destroyed many an Irish band, instead delivering enjoyable and formidable sound.

This might have arrived just in time with a country full of anger and despair they can provide some respite that we are not the only ones. You might not always agree with what they say, but like so many great song writers he is baring his soul to the world for all to see and that kind of truthfulness and honest can’t be knocked.

The Rags – A National Light

The Rags – Razors & Ropes

A National Light is released Friday 28th May and it’s launched in Whelan’s on Saturday 29th May @ 8pm

[Pre-Order from Itunes|Tickets]

Video: PVT (formerly Pivot) – Window

You forgot a username for the YouTube shortcode

New videos are arriving like buses this week. Very excited about PVT’s new album Church With No Magic after hearing this great new tune. Really enjoyed their last album under previous moniker ‘Pivot’ and was lucky enough to catch them at Electric Picnic a few years back where they were on top form. Apparently they had to change their name after “the result of an unexpected legal claim from a band in the United States that used the same name”, new name or not it’s a great tune, roll on August 6th.

Church With No Magic will be released on August 6th.