Mystery Jets Live @ The Academy 17/04/10

It’s been a while, 6 years in fact since I had the pleasure to witness the Mystery Jets in the flesh and a lot has changed since then, not only my circumstances but in music too. The band now reduced to a quartet still possess that eccentric charm that enables them to live up to their hype with ease and hopefully there would be some new treats on offer from their forthcoming album.

After unfortunately missing support band ‘Funeral Suits’ we made our way in to the Academy for the main attraction, where there was a sizable crowd awaiting, a couple of sips of a pint and the rapturous applause singled the band were taking to the stage. It was to be a rather strange gig with the band playing a lot of new material which can go either way depending on the crowd. Luckily this lot were obviously fans and seemed quite content to forego the full sing-a-long extravaganza for the chance to hear some treats from the forthcoming album. The set list was littered with new material, intertwining well-known favourites but unknowingly did slightly subdue the crowd. The new treats included  ‘Flash’, ‘Miracle, ‘Girl is Gone’, ‘Alice Spring’ and the hugely impressive  and memorable ‘Lady Grey’, on this evidence the new album can’t come quick enough.

The night may have had a bit of a warm-up or listening party vibe to it but there was plenty of attention given to some old favourites too. Their rendition of ‘Young Love’, albeit without Laura Marling sparked punters into sing-a-long overdrive and the superlative ‘Flakes’ was delivered with so much punch and emotion even the walls could have had tears. The crowd now in full voice lapped up ‘Veiled in Grey’ and 80’s esque fans favourite ‘Two Doors Down’ before a brief break.

The crowd had found their voice and were loving it,  now thoroughly thawed out calling for the customary encore and hey presto the band re-emerged on stage.  In the midst of sirens the crowd knew what was coming and the band didn’t waste anytime launching headfirst into ‘Hideaway’ before signing off with a beautiful and frantic performance of ‘Behind the Bunhouse’, leaving the crowd baying for more, but alas, that was not to be.

Through the bemusement, the ecstasy and the elation, it was a tight squeeze but there is most certainly still a large place in my heart for the Mystery Jets, as was the feeling amongst the crowd as they shuffled down the stairs and on to the streets of Dublin.

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