Band on an Island – ‘Back Disco’ (Out April 17th)

In the midst of my joyful discovery that Mystery Jets were playing Dublin I completely forgot about Band on an Island launching ‘Back Disco’ in Crawdaddy on the exact same night, it appears the curse of the Mystery Jets may have struck again and a rather tough decision is before me as there is no chance of catching both sets.

Band on an Island have been around for a number of years now and have gone through a number of personnel changes but are easily one of the best folk rock bands in Ireland today. The fusion of unlikely influences allows the band to jump from dark and angry tracks about frustration, often with anti-establishment undertones, to beautiful songs about the places and people they love from the town they grew up in. The bands real forte is their live performances so impressive are they that this year has seen them perform blistering sets supporting fellow Newbridge legends Luka Bloom and Christy Moore. Their last single ‘The Burning Shoulder’ reached #33 in the Irish chart, what are the chances of a repeat performance this time out?

‘Back Disco’ is taken from the superb Sound Sweep and is accompanied by the brand new B-side Chelsea Bards and is released on The Firstborn is Dead label and is available on 7″ vinyl and from itunes. You can read an interview I did with the lads earlier here

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